Buying credits and using the xxXpanded wallet has always been the best way to enjoy our live chat and webcam services, but some users prefer to pay on their phone rather than their card. For new users, sometimes it’s just easier to dial the premium phone number than taking a few moments to register and buy credits using their card.

Now though, our UK members can have the best of both worlds! Thanks to the introduction of new higher phone price points, we’ve added an instant wallet topup by phone option!

How does it work? Simple!

Dial 0908 363 0050 from the phone you want to use your credits on. That’s it!

We add 500 credits instantly to the phone number you’ve called from. You don’t even have to create an account on the site to use the credits – just call the members standard rate numbers to connect to the girls (we’ll even send you the number by sms automatically!)

You are charged £6 for the call, which only takes about 15 seconds! You’ll also pay the minimum network charge imposed by your network (from 10p -44p depending on your network).

If you do create a free account, you can add multiple phone numbers to your account so you can add credits from one phone number and spend them from another! For example, you could dial the topup number from your landline which will have the lowest network access charge, and then use the credits to call the girls from your mobile, thus avoiding the higher per minute access charges on mobiles.

You don’t have to give any personal details to use the instant topup by phone service – just create your free account on and add the phone numbers you want to use the service from for the most!

If you don’t want to create an account, you don’t have to – when you call the xxXpanded phone topup number, you can enter the number of another phone you want to credit!

Find the new phone topup option at the bottom of the credits page here.