Are you a Sky Q user? Have you noticed that of late your favourite naughty channels seem to have disappeared but you don’t know why?

Let us explain it to you!

Sky Q now automatically switches your account to Family Setting every time it updates!

This happens on average once a month, which can mean that you’re constantly losing your favourite NSFW channels for no reason.  For instance, you may have noticed that the adult channels are hidden from the TV guide most of the time.

Annoying, we know!

But that’s ok because managing the parental settings is easy.

  • Press Home on your Sky Q remote and select Settings. Then select Parental.
  • Enter your Sky TV PIN.
  • Select Family and then select Hide Adult Content.
  • Select Off to show adult shows, or On to hide them.

Note: If you turn this setting off, your settings will no longer be family friendly. Therefore, the switch for Family setting will also show as Off.

So don’t worry if you thought we’d disappeared! We’re here for you 24/7 with the hottest babes, just hiding beyond those Family Settings!

The Xpanded Team