Hi hi! We’ve got a new channel on Freeview!

We’re back live on channel 678 from 3am until 7am as always!

But we now have a brand spanking new 24/7 channel. Channel 680! But remember, you won’t see us unless you re-tune your TVs and boxes!

Here’s how to retune your TV and boxes:

  • Your Freeview should be set to digital mode and you can make sure it is by pressing the DTV on your remote. Then press ‘Menu’.
  • Pick the ‘Set Up’ or ‘Installation’ option. Picture icons will come up and you can pick the tool box, satellite dish, or spanner. If they ask you for a code go with 0000 or 1234.
  • Now you opt for the full retune option, which might be called ‘factory reset’, ‘first time installation’, or something to that effect depending on your TV.
  • If you’re asked if you want to ‘delete all your channels’ don’t panic and press ‘OK’.
  • Tada! The channels will be installed – your equipment may shut down and restart but it’s all good!

Get yourself set up because our babes are on Freeview 24/7 with some of extremely naughty ideas for you…


Oh and while you’re here, maybe you’d be interested in checking out the brand new Xpanded Sex Shop? Sure you would ; – )


– The Xpanded Team