For the obsessive compulsive clean freaks among us the idea of having a sexy naked person clean our house is truly the stuff of dreams. But thanks to one woman from Edinburgh it’s now a reality.

25-year-old Victoria Dahl had been working as a beautician in Edinburgh when she began to toy with the idea of getting into the adult entertainment business. She firstly thought she’d start a cam girl company but then stumbled upon an American company that provided people with house cleaners who – you saw this coming – clean your house in varying degrees of undress!

She quickly started Glimmer and, like every good boss, she herself did what she was planning on getting her future employees to do – aka clean people’s houses in the nude! Unsurprisingly things went well and Dahl now has 15 employees and has begun recruiting in Glasgow and Aberdeen. Dahl says last time there was on open-call for recruits she received over 100 applications!

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The perfect view whilst having your home cleaned to the highest standard. What do you think!? 😍

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The rates for a Glimmer clean vary according to the amount of clothing the respective cleaner is wearing. £55 will get you a house cleaner in lingerie, £65 will get you a topless cleaner, and £75 will get you a sparkling clean house and a cleaner in their birthday suit!

With the tagline ‘indulge in your inner hedonist’ Glimmer has both men and women on their books. Speaking to LadBible, Dahl said she had been surprised since starting the business, as her clientele has not been entirely as she’d expected.

“I thought we’d get mostly professional working men in their forties but actually, the clients are much more diverse,” she said. “We’ve had some as young as 30 and others in their 80s. Many of them live alone and a lot of the older gentleman are quite lonely, so it’s important the experience is fun and that the cleaners like chatting.”

She’s keen to point out that her employees don’t do anything they don’t want to do and that despite the naughty nature of her work, her family have in fact been very supportive

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Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring, turn it into a hedonistic outlet with Glimmer… ✨

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What’s more the young entrepreneur has decided she wants to move into more adult entertainment and parties and is now talking about setting up an offering that will appeal to a female base since Glimmer’s is so female. So what’s she thinking for the ladies?

Yep, Naked Handymen.