It’s unusual for an adult content provider to celebrate tighter internet regulations, but what do you know – we are!

As one of the longest running adult TV, cam, and phone chat providers in the UK, Xpanded is dependant on good regulation.

It’s been on the cards for a while and now it’s official – on July 15th the UK government will be bringing Age Verification into effect in an effort to prevent underage users from accessing porn and adult content online. Users under the age of 18 will not be permitted to view adult content without being thoroughly verified.

And at Xpanded we’re embracing Age Verification. Why?

Well, because since we began in 2006 we’ve made sure to keep underage users away from any pornography. It’s always been part of our company ethos and nothing deemed adult content has been accessible outside our paywall!

We’re a shame-free online platform for consenting adults and have always been able to operate with confidence in the knowledge that we run a space free of underage users. Protecting minors from unsuitable content is what allows us to enjoy what we do without qualms.


And that’s not all.

Whilst we may be one of the longest running cam and phone chat providers in the UK, we’ve also become something more.

We’ve evolved beyond the X-rated. We’re a social platform for the adult community, now running a sex shop alongside our performers.

Camming and online sex services have changed so much since we started. So when the Age Verification laws come round on July 15th we will be here same as before – safe and ready!