sex tape

Reality TV just gets weirder and weirder doesn’t it? Well you can say that again since the genre’s latest offering appears to be pretty much porn!


Sex Tape is Channel 4’s latest reality TV show that aired last Friday with real life couples bravely allowing themselves to be filmed during the act and then later sitting down with other couples to get feedback from a sexuality expert.

To most this is a thought beyond horrific, but to one couple in particular, once they got past the mortification of being on TV having sex, actually believe it saved their relationship!


Speaking to The Sun, night club owner Brian Matthews, 35, and his girlfriend Victoria Obahor, 28, explained that they felt that their sex life had started to go stale in the last while.

Initially they said, “it was wild,” Victoria says, adding “I told him that was the best sex in my life.” But as their feelings became more serious, Brian began to panic about not having the carefree single life anymore.

“I didn’t want that at first. I didn’t want things to change, I still wanted to be Jack the lad. But it got boring,” he says. “It got that married couple way — putting our pyjamas on, watching TV, going to bed. Victoria wasn’t open to new things any more.”

After Victoria discovered that Brian had had a one-off fling she was somewhat at a loss, so when the ad for Sex Tape crossed her path she decided to apply!


Filming took place in their home in Glasgow, and despite the couple knowing what it entailed, they both admit they were mortified. “It was the worst sex of my life. I was so conscious of the cameras and I was actually at one point going ‘get off me’,” Victoria says.

The show follows each respective couple in the bedroom, with the footage then being shown back to them in the presences of sexpert  Anjula Mutanda. Andf it makes for fairly wild watch!


The first episode aired last Friday with the universal consensus being that it brought cringing to a whole new level.


Fancy some blood-curdling mortification yourself? Well it’s back next Friday at 10pm on Channel 4.