Sensual beautiful woman with long hair and sexy body posing on blue wall, looking at camera.

Maybe it’s because it’s summer and we’re stuck in close contact on the tube or the bus wishing it had aircon while we sweat in as little clothing as we can hope to wear, but suddenly it feels like breasts are literally all around us!

It made us think a little and we decided to investigate if there is anyway of measuring or telling types of breasts apart! No two are alike, but do some share similarities that are categorisable?

Well the fact of the matter is that of course someone went about cataloguing and studying what the different types of boob shapes are. Lingerie company Third Love brought out a handy guide to how to tell the difference between them  and since we’re pretty big breast fans at Xpanded we wanted to share the info. Lol.

breasts 1


These appear to be as round at the top as at the bottom and are probably the best out of the bunch let’s be fair.

East West

Ever noticed how some boobs don’t seem to get along and face away from each other? Then you’ve been acquainted with the East West breast.


Tear Drop

Probably what the vast majority of women have breasts that are slimmer at the top and rounder at the bottom. Often this is the shape of bigger boobs – sheer force of gravity!


Who doesn’t love a tight bod with small sporty breasts? We certainly do!

breasts 2


According to the experts all women have one breast slightly larger than the other, but some are just more pronounced!

Side Set

Sort of something like the East West breasts but generally fuller according to our breast connoisseurs, these have a wide space between them.


Skinny breasts for skinny girls! These are small with nipples pointing down, not droopy though!

breasts 3


These are breasts with more lax skin and perhaps a loss of volume with nipples pointing down!

Bell Shape

Cute name! These are slender breasts but that actually are fuller than the slender variety. Think boobs falling out of a shirt, these bad boys need to be strapped down.