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Hello there Sexy, I would just love for you to listen to me whilst I tell you exactly what I am going to do with that hard cock of yours.. lots of licking, sucking and teasing and I won't forget to cup those balls and suck on them either.
I pretend that I am straight but really, I've been sleeping with my girl friends for years! Sssssh! The perfect way to cheat and get away with it!
watch you masturbating whilst I sit here and play with my clit, sliding my fingers in and out making myself cum, before I suck my fingers and look you in the eyes
Roleplay, Cuckold, Sissy, Submissive, Domination, JOI, CBT, CEI, Oral, Delayed Orgasm - I would love to hear your naughty fantasies! HUMILIATION - let me laugh at you whilst I punish you.

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25 Jul 2019

AmyPeach's Private Diary

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.. added 23rd May, 2018, 22:11

So last night you may have noticed that I was offline!? Completely offline! For those of you who closely monitor my whereabouts, you may be in shock!

I went to the local pub with my girl friend, she's a bit of a party animal and very wild - very wild! We had been speaking to a married couple in there, lovely young couple who both work for the NHS. A few drinks later and they decided to come back to my house for more drinks as the pub was closing. We will call them Mr and Mrs Geek because they were quite boring and a bit posh!

They weren't a bad looking couple however and both completely straight. The topic changed to sex and it was getting really late. The couple had both been with each other since university, never had sex with anyone else and were both quite stuck up! The husband decided to go home, which left just us, three girls. He was getting a bit bored I think, listening to my friend tell about her threesomes and naughty nights in with her other bi-sexual friend - clearly, she wasn't his cup of tea!

I got really tired and decided to go to bed so I went upstairs (looking for my good old magic wand) but realised I had forgotten to get my mobile phone charger.. so I had to go back down!

I crept downstairs quietly as I couldn't hear anything and didn't want to wake them if they were sleeping, but when I opened the door.. I could see Mrs Geek, face down in my friends beautiful shaven and pierced cunt! Well I couldn't believe it! She was licking and sucking that pussy like a pro! She was completely naked and she had the most beautiful set of tits, with lovely pink nipples and a cheeky piercing. My friend had her head back and was moaning and groaning like she was about to orgasm and Mrs Geek was acting like a totally different person!

I suspect either Mrs Geek was lying about being straight or my friend had completely corrupted her and turned her into a filthy slut! At least for one night...

.. so off I went upstairs like a cuckquean!

Poor old Mr Geek - his wife has more in common with my friend than he could possibly imagine!

What does your wife get up to on her nights in with the girls?!

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