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GB flag Bombshell

"come and get this dirty slut :P" 20:31

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Bombshell's Description

Hi I'm a brown eyed blonde bombshell look for fun! I love to talk dirty and hearing you pant and groan. I'm an expert in most sexual subjects and always wanting to learn to learn more - so give me a call and connect to my cams!

Personal Number: 4675

My naughty secret: I would so have sex with any of my friends, male or female! If any of my guy friends asked me to suck their cock I'd so do it!

I would love to: I would love to be gangbanged by lots of men and women! All of them taking their turn inside me, playing with me... Mmmmmmm!

I'm expert in: hey guys lets just say I will be the best cam girl you have ever had I love to please u and get that cock pumping im a very dirty naughty girl I cant be shocked as I love most things dirty !!!!

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
8 Jul 2019

Bombshell's Private Diary

my dream about the man over the road :) added 5th December, 2014, 23:36

last night a had a amazing dream,
it was about the super sexy man who lives across the road from me i was walking out to get in my car when he shouted me across i always get so frisky when im around him as i think he senses the tension between us.Well this time it all come out he said that he has seen me walking around my house naked and has photos to prove it.I said show me them then he giggles and takes me inside his house i start to get excited.
he then turns to me and before i can say anything he stars kissing me i feel electric shoot threw my body as i kiss him back.He starts leading me upstairs i know where this is going as i feel i am already getting wet in my knickers he throws me an the bed and says you want it dont you i reply omg yes.He then starts to take my clothes off as i do same with him he stands there looks at me and says well suck it then so i grab his cock and start to suck i sooo want to please him.
As he looks down at me he gabs the back of my head and starts pounding his cock deep down my mouth i start to gag but he just carries on but i realize i am loveing it i love the fact that he is been rough with me.He then flips my on my belly and starts to penetrate my pussy i scream with pleasure as i feel him thrusting inside me getting more and more intense i can feel myself close to orgasm
and so is he when i let out a huge scream of pleasure and not long after he does the same i can feel his warm fluids trickling out of my pussy mmmmm
I then woke up and realized it was all a hot wet sticky dream :)

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