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Carman Caller Cam Xpanded
GB flag Carman

"Make me bad.... 5616" 18:45

Carman: 37, Caucasian, Average
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Carman's Description

I'm very busty girl with a real need for dirty sex.I want your cock and your wife's cunt. if you can imagine it, i will try it.open air fucking being watched.maybe bring some friend's you can all share me, i love lot's of spurting, dressing up, being just what you want me to be. Do you think you could handle this dirty little slut...

Personal Number: 5616

My naughty secret: A friend asked me to drop some work off at his wife's office.When i walked i could hear voices, sexy voices, i pushed the door just so i could see a little more.Her legs was open so wide i watch him fucker her.my cunt was so wet that i slid my fingers in my panties it was the first time i ever spurt

I would love to: Hey you, i'm sat here with my little skirt up playing with my wet cunt , all my juices running to my bum, would you like to spread my peachy cheeks and run you cock up and down my pussy and Fuck me.Come turn me into your whore.I'm going to take you in every way i can. Are you ready for me.

I'm expert in: I love fetish and hardcore. I also love to teach new things as well as try. Bukkake, cum, this need s more than one cock boys, the more the better.pussy licking just watch me.

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
15 hours ago

Carman's Private Diary

Carman....My dirty thought for the day... ;-) added 18th September, 2018, 00:08

Travelling on trains through Scotland can be quite interesting... I saw couples and people going to work, i was there for a 12 days so i got used to some people.. But on my third day i noticed a guy on his own, good looking in fact he reminded me of a film star...for the next couple of days i tried to sit where i thought he would get on. Finally on the third day he sat across from me.. I smiled at him and he responded with a smile and a blush, i new then i wanted him.... As the train moved out the station the light's seemed to flicker and i jolted forward, my bag fell and my hands went on his knees, i apologised and he helped me up, still blushing i noticed... Fucking trains i mumbled under my breath and too my surprise he said in a very English accent... they can be a bitch sometimes, i laughed a little loud and smiled at him again... My name is Robert he said in a confident voice and your's.... Carman... He added i may have sat in the wrong seat, puzzled i looked it him, the loo it right behind me, i can hear everything, before i new what i was saying i added, what do they call it on a train, i know what it is on a plain....Now we both blushed... But he did let me know he didn't know, so i yet again put my foot on my mouth and say.....Maybe we should make our own name, first time for everything. He laughed as i stood up and held my hand out, he looked at me as if to say really... me... i lent forward and kissed him, it's now or never take a chance... I didn't care everyone could see us go in to the bathroom, i just wanted to fuck him... He was so passionate but aggressive, he lifted my skirt, put my legs around him and fucked me with so much feeling and emotion , i kissed him and could feel him cum, my pussy tightening as i gave him my juices.... He made me feel alive....x

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