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"Call for a fun chat! Or Cam me when I'm available. Xoxo " 01:08

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Catalina's Description

I love an intellectual, stimulating conversation, so if you're a talker, I'd love to listen & discuss anything that pops into your mind :) What's the best way to get the most out of a call with me? Be open! Being evasive and coy doesn't help me please you, & it's kind of a mood killer, to be honest. I'm here for you, so speak up and tell me what gets you going. what pushes your buttons, all the naughty thoughts swimming in your head mumbling or making me guess only wastes my time & your money.
My secret is special Call me 2 know you would love it!

P.S. This is a fantasy line I'm here to have fun and to meet awesome people. But Please don't ever think we will meet in person!! It Will never happen and NO I will not talk to u outside of this site. Stop asking! Only # I give is 0125.x
Satisfy and stimulate your body and your mind. Doing that also in turn stimulates me. I'd love to hear you get satisfied..Let's get off together!
I aim to please! Closed mouths don't get fed. I can't create a memorable experience if U don't tell me what u want. Love Bringing you into a world of sexual magic and making your fantasies come true!

Personal Number: 0125

Country: US flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
3 hours ago

Catalina's Private Diary

Teasing a shy man added 30th August, 2010, 09:12

Dear diary, I was hanging out at Huntington Beach with a friend of mine and she wanted to go in the water. I never do, due to dirty water and creepy things inside of it..lol! So I stayed laying on a beach towel on the sand. As I was just browsing around, I started noticing this guy just staring at me I thought it was funny that he was to shy to say hi. So I started being naughty and wanted to tease. I can be soo mean like that! Haha. I walked to the outdoor showers and looked over my shoulder and there he was still far away staring. Then I saw what he was holding. He was taking pictures of me the whole time!
He had this expensive looking camera around his neck with a strap. Every time I looked up he would put it down. So I wanted to play model! I turned on the water very slowly and started to wet my hair. Then I started to move my hands over my breast and thighs. I started to open my mouth and letting the water flow from my mouth and over my chin and down to my cleavage. I took a peak and he was shooting away but now with this bulge in his shorts. I started to bend down and rub water up and down my thighs. I was having fun. But as all good things come to an end my friend came back and said she wanted to leave. When I turned back my photographer was walking very briskly away. As I was walking home I don't know why, I felt that he was off somewhere masturbating to my pictures. That made me smile. I wish he would have talked to me so I could ask him for the pictures to share with all of you. Maybe I'll see him around again. Who knows.
Bye for now =-)

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