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I'm young girl with an old and dirty mindset, I absolutely love getting naked and dancing around while you watch me play with my sweet wet pussy! I love using toys and I like to cum for real, for your pleasure. I like real connections, I like fun, word play and good jokes. I have so many naughty fantasies and always wanna hear yours! If you have a cam, don't be shy, come and play with me ;)
I love having sex and doing naughty things in public, like lifts, restaurants, parks and taxis! The thrill of getting caught really makes me hot and I love being watched!
Have you so excited for me everytime you see me online, have you dreaming about me everynight... You so badly just want to touch me, seduce me, have me in your room...

Let me be your fantasy baby!
Riding on your fantasies and dripping all over your dreams! I love word play & playing in general.. Expert in playing with words, my pussy, your body temperature rising & thats not all I see rising..

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

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28 Mar 2020

CatinaMaria's Private Diary

Rock right up to the side of my mountain... added 20th March, 2018, 00:53

Dear diary, today me and my girlfriend Leah went on a group hike through the mountains while on holiday in Cardiff. Stretching our legs wide as we climb higher and higher to our destination, Leah's hiking in front of me in her tight light grey yoga pants that become a little translucent, every time she steps up I can see her ass and her hot pink thong peeping at me.. The sun is beaming at us and we're building up a sweat as we get closer and closer to the top. I love watching Leah wiggling her curves as she moves in front of me, the thoughts running through my mind while this adrenaline pulsates through my veins, intoxicating. We make a half mark point on the mountain and the group decide to take a little tea break, way too excited to stop, me and Leah sneak off around the mountain to catch a view and smoke a cheeky j.

Wondering off around the mountain where we can see pretty much the whole of Cardiff, well as far as the eye can see... beautiful, but the only thing thats in my vision is Leah's gorgeous plump boobs, bulging out of her vest, inviting me in. We sit under a tree, gazing. Leah passes me the smoke and lays her hand on my thigh, gently caressing with her soft finger tips, reaching up towards my inner thigh where she can feel its a little warmr. I take a toke on the smoke and she leans in closer to me, her face up close, lips touching and she opens her mouth as I blow the smoke, she inhales, I bite her lip and suck on it. She slides her right hand in between my thighs and squeezes tight as her left hand swoops around my love handles and she pulls me in closer. She puts her tongue in my mouth and kisses me, sucking on my tongue and fooling around, she massages my pussy with her skilled touch, my pussy juices are soaking right through my shorts and dripping onto her fingers. She kisses and bites me all down my neck while she fiddles her way into my knickers, feeling how wet she makes me, her fingers soaked in my sweet juices. I moan into her mouth as my body twitches and tingles. I lift my self while carressing her breast, I guide her to lay back as my hands travel down the sides of her body, carressing and massaging, I begin to trail my tongue down her chest, leaving kisses. I put her nipple in my mouth and roll my tongue around, flicking on the other with my fingers, I suck on it while she jirates her body. All while I'm feeling on her sexy ass cheeks, rubbings and squeezing, shes so fucking delicious! The noises she makes, the moans, fuck! I'm wet and hot!

I trail my kisses further down her belly while I start pulling on her leggings, kissing and licking the tops of her legs and over her panties and every naked part of her leg until I get to her ankles, then I roll my tongue all the way back up until I get to her thong. My face in between her legs, breathing over her hot, wet pussy. Watching her legs twitch as I bite her pussy, pulling down her thongs with my teeth. I kiss lightly and she moans, I push my tongue inside, wriggling around until I find her pulsing clit, thirsty for her cum. The breeze tickles her naked skin as I slurp on her sweet pussy flicking my tongue on her clit and sucking it while she grinds her pussy in and out of my mouth. She moves faster and faster and moans uncontrollably, I push my finger inside her juicy pussy as her juices flow down my hand, I finger fuck her hard as I'm slurping on her pussy as she explodes, her body vibrating, she cums in my mouth. I drink her juice as I feel her soft hands caressing on my neck and shoulders pulling me back up so she can taste herself. I find the j I left on the rocks beside us and I light it up again, blowing smoke in Leah's face..

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