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"Your Mistress awaits you! Don't mess with me unless you want to feel the wrath of my tongue. It won't be pretty. I am ready for your ultimate submission - are you?" 10:19

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CrystalDomme's Description

I am a hot, horny, demanding Dominatrix who can satisfy all your sexual needs no matter how extreme. The dimension of my kinky fetish behaviour knows no bounds. My dirty talk is second to none so let me fuck you slowly with every word. Or better still, take you in my mouth and swallow you whole. Whatever your inclination may be, when your cock is in my hands, your heart and mind will quickly follow. My pussy is your Mistress - to be obeyed and worshipped. Why not taste it and find my scent!
When I am wearing my black stockings and my thigh high boots, there is nothing more I adore than to have a guy's face between my thighs with his tongue obeying every order I give- his cock erect, ready for my pleasure.
Get Kinky freaky guys on my St Andrews Cross in my dungeon - guys who love to wear ladies ligerie - sissyboi sluts - men who want to play rough - cum sluts - cum eaters - cock sucking fags - obedient dogs - human ashtrays - and anyone capable of the worshipful behaviour I demand from them. NO LIMITS

Personal Number: 1964

Country: ES flag

Languages: EN flag

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CrystalDomme's Private Diary

16th November 2013 added 21st November, 2013, 08:01

He took me by surprise. I wasn't actually expecting anyone to turn up on my door step, let alone him. It had been a long time. But he still had that look in his eye and it seemed like an age since I had felt that deep longing for him. In fact I thought it had almost gone away. He didn't exactly say anything, but I just felt that warmth of his body as he held me close. The touch of his mouth on mine. Nothing had changed between us and it never will. No one has ever got so close to my heart. He unzipped my dress and it fell to the floor. He had me how he liked me. Naked, except for my lacy black long and my high heels. He pulled me close to him, his lips brushing gently over my breasts and his hands running down my body. I found myself pressing into him. He slipped his hand between my thighs and I could feel those warm waves building up inside me. He lifted me up and pushed me up against the wall. My thighs wrapped firmly around him. There was such a sense of urgency. His hard cock pushing up against me. I just wanted to take him there and then. I wanted to feel him inside me. I wanted that hot searing passion back that I thought was lost to me. I winced as he penetrated me but I couldn't stop. Part of me wanted to push him away for deserting me, the other part of me wanted to hold him inside me forever. This time, I wasn't letting him go.

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