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hey their im a naughty flirty mixed race milf who likes to laugh aswell as be very sexy.i enjoy to tease and play .i like to feel good and wear sexy lingerie while i play im all natural with a nice bum too .get me horny and I'll gush
very naughty i can gush for you if you push the right buttons .im very good with my tongue and can lick you ALL over i do like to be held down and my wet pussy teased till i cum in your mouth im in your hands for you to do as you please try me but be kind im only an amateur .
i enjoy to play and make you get very excited at the very thought of me My curves would love to please you aswell as my body mind and soul.i will be their every step of the way to make u want more till you explode .rubbing my nipples against your body and your cock,
im an expert with my tongue hands and my mouth i can tease you with the tip of my tongue and the touch of my hands .i will lick you all over no place is sacred .

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curlycurves's Private Diary

Cum on a train ride with me. added 15th March, 2018, 06:18

It was summer and i was sat on the train feeling rather hot and restless knowing i had a 4 hour journey with no book or magazine to read and only social media on my phone. I started feeling the vibrations of the seat it was warm against my pussy,i sat their looking around to see if anyone was watching and trying not to make eye contact with the woman in front and pretending to look out of the window i then slid my hand inside my jeans,i felt all moist i then groaned but tried to turn it into a cough as the woman in front would have known exactly what i was doing .I started to play with myself feeling the juices and the stickiness between my fingers rubbing my clit discreetly but faster,I felt myself squirt a little and had to contain myself or there would have been not only a wet patch but a mark on my jeans i didn't want to look like i has pissed myself ,then i felt an orgasm coming on as i spread my lips apart inside my jeans and looked up i saw the woman looking right at me she was blonde about 25 a good looking one she was anyway she slid her shoe off and put her foot on my thigh under the table i shit myself but enjoyed it as she rubbed up and down on me until she reached my pussy she then opened her legs to show off her little french knickers and pulled them to the side so i could see her pussy, being curious i wanted to get in their and touch it so i asked her if i could change seats I moved across and sat next to her and unknowingly to the commuters on the train we exchanged pussy rubs. Her pussy felt so hot n juicy i almost wanted to taste it but couldn't in fear of getting caught so i licked my finger it smelled amazing too id never touched a pussy before let alone tasted one and on this occasion it felt amazing ,as i looked to my right i saw a guy watching and starring at us both i felt embarrassed but i loved it it was kind of pervy you just know he was getting hard . She then let out a moan as i finished rubbing her hard clit with my fingers sticky juices all over the seats .the next stop was hers she stood up and straightened her skirt as if nothing had happened and leaned over me to get her bags from the overhead baggage shelf ,i did look at her large tits though curious as i am i just wanted more but she just smiled and left therefore we were still only strangers with no name or number.For the rest of the journey i just sat reminiscing about what had just happened with a big grin on my face I couldn't even look towards the guy in the other seat. it made the train ride a much better experience . Maybe i shall leave my book at home on my next ride .

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