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Curvaceous Sexy Busty.. Just some of the delights you will enjoy when you encounter the very beautiful Curvy Cindi. With seductive eyes, and a posh British accent.. All on show, no holding back! No holes will be denied. Large 38DD bust and a big round ass.. Yummy!
Well not for everyone and lady shouldn't have to reveal her secrets, but I have a lot to reveal if you press the right buttons. I enjoy nothing more than having a girl or guy to use... the naughty secret? Call and find out what I enjoy the most...
I would love to have several personal service sex audience. Oil on my body to be worshipped, on my ass, on my feet, On my large tits to have many enjoy themselves to me and be rewarded accordingly with pleasure.
Tit tease, pussy play, Domination, fetish, roleplay, BDSM, orgasm denial, SPH, foot fetish, verbal humiliation, All holes access

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CurvyCindi's Private Diary

What do to with my slave next added 5th May, 2015, 20:45

I got up this morning and thought, oh my goodness! I have forgotten to take my waspy off? It had been on all night and had left nasty little pinch marks on my beautiful skin. It didn't hurt too much, but I was worried the marks wouldn't fade that quickly. And then I got to thinking about the discreet little marks that I could make on my next willing slave, ready for some punishment. Perhaps I would subjugate him, tie my little submissive slave and let him sit for awhile waiting and wondering what I would do next for him.

Of course he would have to ask me nicely for some sweet relief, but given he asks appropriately for my service, I could then go on to show him a thing or two of what I was fantasying all morning about. Maybe a little clip or two applied strategically to his nipples could give him a little delight, not enough to bring him completely under my control minds�??t you, we wouldn�??t want him to take all his pleasure too soon. And after I had left them on for five, maybe ten minutes, tightening them just a little every so often, what sort of marks do you think they would make? And how long after he had left could he use them to remember the various little delights I had shown him in my dungeon?

And what of the other marks I leave on my willing disciples�?� The gentle redness on the buttocks, from a sharp and hard paddling. The crimson lines that my firm whipping leaves, how long do you think that lasts for�?� Or do you know from experience? And then what else could I do with those little marks? I could use my ropes and my pulleys to leave them strategically just below the line of a collar or even a shirt cuff�?� Then my naughty man would have to wear certain clothes in his everyday life, be careful nobody saw them and my control, and the memory of it, could last even longer after he had left my dirty little torture palace. He would always have just a little subtle reminder then, that he could peep at every now and again, of the time we spent together, of the wonders that I showed him.

What wonders would you like Mistress Devon to show you?

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