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GB flag Dainty

"Slide that hard dick in my mouth babe" 21:07

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Dainty's Description

I'm a fun loving person and I'm here to entertain you,to be yours. I'll be your fantasy I'll be your lover I'll be your friend. Just listen to my sexy, intoxicating voice and I'll take you where you want to go. I'm yearning for you right now, my body is in need of your touch your sexy voice is all I want to hear.
Being in my garden one hot summers day and I noticed as usual my neighbours husband is always peeping through his windows.This very hot day I decided to sun bath and put on a show for him and of course he was there watching.I lay down took my bra off slowly while watching him I played with myself.
I would love to tease you, make you want me more and more.I'll be your nurse for the day let me tend you and your needs. I want you to get so hot and steamy I'll having you cuming all day.
love making foreplay,kissing,massages,hand jobs,oral, fantasies,role plays, making your dreams come true

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

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Dainty's Private Diary

Hey my darling added 7th April, 2015, 21:24

I had a visitor last night suppose you could say it was a surprise. I just finished having a late shower, popped into the kitchen in just some white lace panties. I received a text it said "make sure your in the nude", I didn't expect to hear from this person because he was away. I got so excited my body began to tingle, there was a knock at my door. I thought to myself oh I have no time for a visitor, its late and I have someone on there way to see me. I said who is it and the person answered, I gasp It was him I ran to the door, opened it and there he was standing in front of me with his cock in his hand. I knew exactly what he wanted me to do right there on the door step. Until next time my darling.

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