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DelishDanni's Description

Hey guys ..... DELISH DANNI is in Scotland WAITING FOR YOU!!!

I am very bubbly, sexy and outgoing - love to have lots and lots of kinky fun.

Who wants to help me bring out my wicked side??

I have just recently attended my very first Swingers Party and OMG!! Amazing!!! Cum over and I will tell you all :-)

If you want to be super turned on and dominated - then look no further! You will leave me a very happy man with a huge great smile on your face :-)

I never disappoint! xxx
We had a little party last year and my partner invited over some co-workers. One of the men was 6ft6 and very well proportioned. Could feel myself getting wet and couldn't resist pulling him into the bathroom. He hesitated but I unzipped him, took that long thick cock out and sucked until hard!
I have a major fantasy about having a foursome! Never slept with another female and would love too! Gets me going thinking about it. I also get turned on watching guys suck each other off! Would love to have sex with another couple, where I can caress her body and watch the guys suck each other off!
My favourite thing to do is SUCK COCK!!
Feeling a cock get hard in my mouth, licking up pre-cum and pulling back on the foreskin gets me very wet & tingly! Let me give you the time of your life guys!

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18 Jan 2019

DelishDanni's Private Diary

My boyfriend ....... added 2nd February, 2017, 21:07

One night i showed up at my friend's party after having argued with my boyfriend. He had been through a very busy period at work and we barely did anything together, not even sex. I have a quite high sex drive compared to my boyfriend's so the lack of attention was really affecting me. I decided to dress up as hot as possible and went to this party ready to enjoy myself and forget about my issues at home.

I wore a long black fitted dress and black heels. I had straightened my hair and put make up on. My dress really showed off my assets and made me feel sexy.

The party started and all my friends from work starting drinking and dancing. When my boyfriend texted me to finally say he was not able to come to the party I was quite happy. Lots of laughing and sexy dancing with my colleagues. Sean the sexy host of the party came to talk to me.

All of the sudden I could feel a hand caressing my ass. It was his. His eyes fixed in mine. He knew I had a boyfriend & he knew who he was!
His hand was really turning me on!
He went quiet, just kept looking deep in my eyes, his hand was now really touching my ass, moving it vigorously up and down. I could feel my breasts moving fast, breathing his breath now.

I opened my mouth to talk and he moved to kiss me, his tongue deep in my mouth. We pressed our bodies together and I could feel his huge hardon against my hips, oh how could it be so big?! This made me suck his tongue harder. Suddenly I realised what I was doing and I stopped. He is my friend, my colleague, I have a boyfriend!!

We carried on dancing for a bit and then we both went different ways to talk to different people. I could feel my heart pounding and my legs shaking with excitement. I tried to make conversation with other people to get distracted but all I could think about was that kiss, his tongue, his dick.

I had some fresh air and then went upstairs to use the toilet. The top floor was dark, I did not know my way around the house so I couldn't find the switch. I carried on in the darkness across the corridor. When I opened the toilet door, somebody was already there, in the dark and dragged me into the toilet room. The door closed abruptly behind me. Shhhh... Shhh a man said. He pushed me against the closed door and held me by my ass.

I could barely speak, so I didn't. I kissed him as I placed my arms around his neck and my legs around his ass. My fitted dress lifted above my pants, they were getting so wet feeling that massive cock now against my pussy. Felt amazing ... He threw me onto the bed, thrusting his cock inside, spanking my ass. I was making lots of noise, the door slowly opened and ..... It was my BOYFRIEND!!! Needless to say, he was not amused ......

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