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I'm Dove and I just love to fuck and suck. I love meeting new people and getting them to tell me their fantasies. I'm from the North of England and we are known for being warm, friendly and chatty.
I love swimming and it's even better when I get someone to share the changing room with me!!
I'm very broad minded, and I'd love to chat with you, so give me a call now. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Speak to you soon. xx
I can't get enough of having sex with the couple next door. I love her pink, wet cunt and his fantastic hard dick. I'm forever popping in for threesomes.
I love it when he fucks me from behind while I finger fuck and lick her until she cums.
I have lots of naughty secrets, tell me yours!!
I would love to have a few new sex slaves, worshiping at my feet, doing everything I demand of them.

I would love you to be one of them.

Or do you think you could dominate me in the bedroom? Do you want me to be your sex toy? Or will you be mine??
Call me now lover!
Threesomes, sucking cock, anal, role play, spanking, dirty phone sex chats, exhibitionism, fetishes and domination.

Let's cum together.

Treat me with a tip or gift it would make my day! xxx

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

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Over 12 months ago

Dove's Private Diary

New fuck buddy mistress added 9th February, 2016, 16:42

Well darlings I have just met the most amazing fuck buddy mistress. I met her soon after a fabulous fucking I had with my fuck buddy pervert slave and his cum slut wife.

Cum slut wife hatched a sexy plan with me to get fuck buddy pervert slave well and truly spit roasted while me and her watched. She said he deserved it for being such a perverted wanker, waste of space piece of filth. Her revenge for having to become a cum slut just so she can get all the cock she needs.

Me and her took him clubbing sweethearts, her in short skirt no knickers and every chance I got darlings I raised her skirts to show her cunt until we had a good following of the horny, at least 12.

So in a quiet corner of the club first he had to fuck and lick all the horny women who had come to fuck with his cum slut wife. He loved that darlings even though they all laughed at him while he did it.

We then told fuck buddy pervert slave that he had to fuck all the guys waiting to fuck his cum slut wife, if that's what they wanted. And darlings he had to let all the guys fuck him darling whether he wanted that or not and I told them to fuck him good and hard as well. He loved it darlings, he loves the cock and cum as much as his cum slut, cum bucket wife.

Then darlings after he had been royally arsed fucked I licked the cum from his arse and shared it with him with a sexy cum sharing kiss. And when his mouth was well full of cum from all the guys we had face fucking him I put my tongue in his mouth and shared the cum with him. He loves sharing cum with me while we kiss, I love it too darlings.

Then darlings cum slut wife was being fucked by the same guys my fuck buddy pervert slave had just had inside him. She had her mouth well filled with cock and cum, two cocks in her mouth at once, two cocks in her cunt, fingers and cocks up her arse. Dirty cum slut bitch was loving it, all the while guys and women stood around her wanking and cumming on her until her body was full wet with cum, so much cum darlings it was dripping from her body, running from her cunt and arse and dribbling from her mouth.

Then my fuck buddy pervert slave begged me to suck his cock, so hard and throbbing was his cock watching his cum slut wife being used and abused. He begged me so well darlings that I couldn't refuse, and while he watched her being fucked good and hard I took his cock full down my throat darlings until he came good and hard, filling my mouth with his cum which we then shared with a loving cum sharing kiss.

I sent pervert home with cum slut wife so he could lick her clean and eat all the cum she was full of and covered with.

But darling then I found a beautiful fuck buddy mistress. So perfect she could have been made just for me, beautiful slim body, long black hair and sexy, fantastic green eyes. Those green eyes do it for me every time darlings.
The things she taught me darlings, such as not always cumming when I want but waiting until told to, which I will try hard to do, but that ones hard as I love to cum darlings.

So like me is she darling that it was a bit of a shock finding her. But what a lovely surprise she was and made me so wet to hear her voice and hear what she had to say.

I feel she has a big secret darlings but I can't tell you what I think that is as you would be so shocked to hear it. She is a real mystery darlings. To me she is fuck buddy mystery mistress.

She has such a way with words sweethearts that I am in awe of her, she is so clever and sexy and so kind and loving to take time out to please and amaze me. I fell in love with her as soon as I found her. xxx

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