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EllaBee's Description

I'm a shameless horny wife who loves to make men cum.
I'm well educated and can discuss high level topics if that's what you'd like, but let's be honest, what you'd really like is to have your face buried between my thighs. And that's where I'd like you too.
I have a penchant for sexy rockabilly dresses teemed with stockings and heels; especially if someone is going to bend me over and have their way with me.
I can domme you, if you'd like, although I prefer to do what I'm told!
This morning I went downstairs naked, not realising the builder was here. He got QUITE an eyeful. Within minutes he offered himself to me and I took him upstairs. He went down on me like I've never experienced before. Then, I bent over and he fucked me from behind, drilling into me until I came.
Find that special connection with someone and to make them cum over and over. I'd like to show you how good I am at oral sex and make it feel like my lips are around you. I'd like to chat with someone as open minded as I am- up for anything.
I truly am a girl who doesn't say no to anything..
I LOVE everything to do with sex.. But I'm best at:
Fetish (aquatics, latex, BDSM)
Stockings & heels
Styles include vintage, geeky librarian, rock chick and slutty

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
22 Jan 2020

EllaBee's Private Diary

Fantasy Fucks added 21st November, 2016, 12:43

You know those people who you watch in films, or maybe on stage.. the person who you bargain with your other half and say.. "If I met them, I would totally get a free pass to do *ANYTHING* with them..? Those people.. the people that make you wet or hard in some inexplicable way? Yes, they're hot, yes they're famous, but really, are they any different to you or me?

Well, on Saturday I am going for drinks with my "free pass", along with my husband, because they happen to have been friends many years ago. What should I do? Should I reiterate my desire to fuck him? Should I invoke my free pass? Should I just make a blatant pass at him in front of my husband? I'm not monogamous by nature and I'd be well up for my husband invoking his (especially with a certain Avenger...), but should I actually go ahead and screw this guy?

I hear him sing and I want to know what his lips would feel like on my neck, on my nipples, on my wet cunt. Would he put as much energy and passion in to fucking me as he does thrashing around on stage? My fantasy involves him passing me his number as we say goodbye, and an invitation to call him and explore each other. The anticipation is killing me.

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