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I want to please you, I want to tease you, I want to talk you up or dress you down, I want to be your woman, I want to make you mine
I need a straight talking hot man who can open my mind, my mouth and my legs and leave me wanting more
Get sexual and sensual with someone, down and dirty, hot and horny, your choice is my pleasure, I'm here for you
I am here for your pleasure, I can teach you or you can teach me, let me into your fantasy and I will come into yours. Let's explore each other in every way, I'm yours, show me touch me, make me come

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Languages: EN flag

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EnjoyEve's Private Diary

Al Fresco and loving it x added 4th May, 2017, 21:34

I absolutely love having sex outdoors so this is (or maybe I should say was) my fantasy.......

I have a male friend Who's happy to play whenever I am. he's fit, toned and up for most things. So I suggested some al fresco fun and he was gagging for it. We live in fabulous countryside so went for a drive, I wore short skirt and a vest no bra or panties, he knew what was on my mind and he was hard before we got in the car.
He started driving and I started running my hand up his thigh, his cockwas straining against his jeans and he was struggling to concentrate!! I was loving it,rubbing hi cock outside his jeans he just had to stop the car in a nearby lane. His throbbing cock was soon set free,hard,red and shining from the pre-cum which I licked off as he parked.
My pussy was soaking as I got out of the car and my skirt was soon pulled up, I had teased him so much that all he wanted to do was bury his fat cock inside me. I was pushed down over the bonnet and fucked so hard, the feel of that cock inside me and the sun on my back was amazing, he was fucking me so fast I didn't care if anyone was watching, I just gripped his cock so tight with my pussy. It wasn't long before I knew I was about to come, he grabbed my hips and I knew he was coming too, so I let go and felt my orgasm pulse through my body. Fuck I came so hard and so did he,that fat cock shuddered inside me for ages!!!
Can't wait to do it again xx EVE xxx

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