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Ericka Caller Cam Xpanded
US flag Ericka

""Friday Fantasy Dance." & Sing the "O" song! You know the words. There's always a cock party. It's ErIcka, call me! or Text." 17:58

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Ericka's Description

Because My eyes are green some people have said I look like a cat. This might also have something to do with my being athletic and into dancing, I love music and being able to move my body with the sounds of almost any kind on music. American country,Classical,Jazz, Pop & music from Countries like Japan, Korea, China & India. How sensual the body is in dance expressions.
I would like to have us both blind folded, naked in a room having to have to find each other. Anything you touch with your fingers you must touch & taste with your lips and tongue. Touching,holding, hugging,caressing & being caressed. Getting to know someone without sight,drink them in so to speak.
I would Love to have as much fun as possible with you where ever we can. being relaxed where ever we find ourselves.
I'm expert in letting you be you because I can only be me.

Personal Number: 4021

Country: US flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
9 hours ago

Ericka's Private Diary

I Need to get You Clean You Dirty Man added 26th March, 2019, 18:03

Come on babe let's have a shower together. We'll put
down a natural sponge mat let me clean my man up.
Both of you. I'll start with that that guy there at the
top of your legs in front of your butt. I'll have to get
that whole area clean with my gelled hand and
gentle fingers. Come on and let me show you what
I can do to make my dirty man clean.
You just lay back on that natural sponge mat and I'll
clime between your legs and start working on your
legs all the way up.
I'll let you tell me what it feels like to get a massage
with my breast, fingers and tongue. You'll tell me what
you like best, won't you?
I need to get you clean you dirty man.

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