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HornyAngel's Description

Hi my name is HornyAngel! I have a very high sex drive - love playing with my pussy, light anal, nipple sucking, deep throat bow jobs! I love being taken from behind and spreading my lips wide. Nothing I love more than choking on a big, hard cock! You will enjoy dirty, filthy sex with me from the moment you see me! Men, women, couples are very welcome!love playing with my big collection of toys, and dressing up come and join me !!!!!!
I love to be naughty and dirty! Love having my picture taken while having hot, steamy sex! Also totally bisexual! My naughty secret is i've tried dogging it was so good, having sex in my car while men stand there watching, and playing with their hard cocks. So naughty.. !!!!!
Would love to have my desires, fantasies and my hottest moments with you! I want them to be dirty and unforgettable - I want to leave you begging for more!and be at my mercy !!!!
Teasing men, pleasing them and getting them very excited! Giving amazing webcam shows and blow your mind!expert in sucking cock, tit wanks, arse play, pussy play, foot fetish, sucking and licking tits

Personal Number: 4799

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
13 Sep 2019

HornyAngel's Private Diary

man nextdoor added 8th November, 2018, 12:08

He takes me by the hand and leads me up the winding stairs of his house.I know what's coming,Smiling to myself,i follow gladly,squeezing his hand to show my excitement.Just thinking what lies beneath his clothes makes my cunt wet.I feel that tingling sensation rushing through my body.The stairs seem annoyingly long but as soon as he opens the door to his bedroom and locks it behind me,my cunt begins to ache in anticipation.He puts his hand on my waist and moves into kiss me.I press my lips against his and massage his tounge with mine,exploring the inside of his mouth.His other hand begins to slide down from my waist and slips between my legs,rubbing my throbbing cuntthrough my trousers.I can feel myself becoming wetter and hotter,desire building up inside of me.I kiss him rougher ,clutching his shoulders as his hand moves expertly,stroking my hidden clit faster and faster.And he stops.He pulls out of his shirt,and i notice a bulge swelling in his jeans.I take his zip and slide it down,letting his jeans slip to his ankles.I stoke his cock through his boxers,rubbing gently but firmly.I feel it hardening more.I carefully slide his boxers down and admire call his 10 inches of pure cock.I fall onto my knees and lick the head of his cock and look up at him to see his reaction.Mmmmm go on baby is his response.I enter the head into my mouth again,and lick around it,i let his cock slide deeper and deeper into my mouth squeezing my lips against it.Faster i suck,up and down,round and around until i feel his warm spunk fill my mouth,of course i drank every last drop of it... He then pushes me down on the bed,kneeling naked over me.He reaches down and starts to rub my clit in circles around and around,with more speed he presses and circles my clit, and makes stroking rubbing faster makes me squirt all over him.He parts my legs and slowly his hard cock touches my cunt lips.I feel feel the shivers again as he moves the head of his cock inside my cunt.He pushes himself inside me.He begins to move in and out out of me,slowly as always at first but then getting faster and faster,quicker and quicker,rougher and rougher until we simultaneously we orgasm,feeling his spunk inside of my cunt.I relax from my tension as my cunt walls pulsate on his cock as he pulls out....and the story as just began, until the next time x

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