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My luscious curves and big round tits need hands all over them, I need to cum every day, I am so horny.
My pussy is so tight and always ready to be fucked, my clit is always poking out, wanting that touch that makes me moan and scream in pleasure.
Sunny is my fuck buddy; his tongue and fingers and cock explore every orifice. Cum watch us, cum listen to me xxx
I got stuck in a lift with a couple We were all easy going and talk soon turned to sex. The bloke joked about a threesome so I started snogging the woman, who responded then I was fingered and licked by them both. I wanked the guy. I came so hard!!! We got out looking ok but the lift was full of cum
Hear your voice and what you're doing with your hands and cock, that turns me on so much. Hear what you want.
When I hear your I want to rub my tits and slip my knickers down so you can see my smooth, tight pussy
Play with Sunny for you; have you watch us suckling and fuck and cum
cock sucking and deep throating...being your sub...or dom: you do what I say! My big tits give a great tit wank...foot wanks...anal...straight sex, great sex...lesbian pussy-licking

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HornyHelena's Private Diary

13 September added 13th September, 2016, 10:11

This morning was so bright and sunny I decided to have my breakfast in the garden. In my shortie pjs sat with my feet on another chair and the light breeze was cooling. I felt it graze my pussy lips and my nipples hardened. Despite not being overlooked (the gardens all back on to each other) I took the few steps down from my patio onto my lawn. I leant against the wall. I lightly rubbed the soft skin of my arms and eased the straps of my vest down til my tits were exposed. Oh it felt so good! I rubbed them and pinched my nipples. By now I was so fucking horny.
I slipped my fingers in the waistband of my shorts and pulled them away from me, and eased them down as if I were doing a strip. My pussy was wet and my thighs felt damp. I stepped out of my vest and shorts and leant back against the wall. Completely naked in my garden! I felt so naughty. I ran my hands over my tits, down my belly and on my thighs past my pussy. I involuntarily bucked my hips for my own fingers, teasing myself, rubbing my legs until I finally felt my clit. I moaned as it felt so good, slipping another finger inside my soaking wet cunt.
I was finger fucking myself and rubbing my clit, sometimes rubbing my bouncing tits and when I touched my clit again each time it was more intense. My breathing was getting ragged and my body shaking. A breeze blew over my skin that was warm in the sunshine and my knees buckled as I came over my hand. My pussy pulsed and I rubbed my tits, basking in the amazing feeling, my breathing slowing.
I put my head back and opened my eyes - just to see a head in the furthest garden duck behind a bush! I may have had an audience...
I collected my pjs and swayed back up to my patio. I just sat naked in my chair to finish my cup of tea. I love the end of summer!

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