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I am used to getting what I want and I expect you to give it to me. I'm better than you in every humanly possible way and you fucking know it. You can't get laid no matter how hard you try. No woman wants that little ass thing you call a dick...especially not me. You are only here to enertain me and give me your hard earned $$$$$ Why? because I fucking deserve it. So be a good little bitch and call me loser. Ask me for my wishlist if you want to be a good bitch for me.
Hot Latina Goddess To Worship The hottest well known internet model is here! My name is Jayla your hot latina (mexican) busty brunette babe. No need to describe myself my 100% real photos tell it all. Just know your getting off with the best and most bad bitch there is!
Many who crave humiliation aren't a "loser" in the general sense. You may have a successful career and a typical, happy life. Deep down your depraved thoughts keep you craving humiliation; despite your seemly normal life.

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JaylaNicole's Private Diary

Dear Diary added 1st March, 2017, 03:27

Mr. Williams passed back to the class our pop tests with our grades on them today. And I normally wouldn't pay attention to the grade except this one was a Bright red F with a note underneath that said meet me after class.
I tried to sneak out when the bell rang but just as the last kid left and my hand was on the door to close it he stopped me in my tracks with a very authoritative 'Lexi'.. 'Yes, Mr. Williams'? Turning around I could see the stern look in his eyes over his glasses as he looked over them at me.
I held my books in front of me and hung my head a little. As I looked down and back up I caught him looking me up and down, Suddenly I knew the 'A' was all mine.
I'll spare you the details for now but lets me just say. Tomorrow when he opens his desk drawer to get a pencil, he'll have to look under the panties I slipped in there.

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