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"what the fuck is up sexy's" 18:20

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KillaCali's Description

I wish we all could be California girls! HOTT MILF! Tattoos, DSL LIPS, I am the best at giving head. I'll go down on you if you go down on me. 69 all day! I'M IN MY PRIME, CAN YOU KEEP UP?
There is a picture of my pierced nipples (not anymore) on a wall in a liquor store in San Francisco, Ca. Pietcs I've had: Nipples twice, pussy lips twice, labret, Monroe three times, belly button, tongue, eyebrow, and dermal in my chest. NO LONGER PIERCED
Wouldn't it be fun to ride a roller coaster naked? You know the one with the cold metal bars that secure between your legs... Breasts bouncing and pussy rubbing against the seats. IT WOULD ALSO BE NICE TO ORGASM FROM MY G-SPOT, OR AT LEAST FIND IT!
Giving head, I have been told by three or four men that I gave them the absolute best blow job they have ever had in their life! And the tip top of the list for quite a few more.

Personal Number: 4999

Country: US flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
23 Sep 2019

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