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"Fun, flirty , naughty American Valley Girl Slut. Straight from Calabasas" 15:57

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kinkyRebecca's Description

Hello guy, I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm married now. I love my guy , I truly do however I can't get rid of my kinky side and the fact that I want bbc and huge cocks drilling me. I stay at home and I really get into naughty perverted things.
I wouldn't dare tell anyone that I'm addicted to porn. I'm a girl lol. Natural big busty breasts really turn me on. I put my vibrator on my ....mmmm. I put my vibrator right there and I go to town. I watch the girls bounce and bounce right in front of the camera and as they do. I CREAMMMMMMMM!!!!
I would love to put up my hair and wear a nice crisp white button down blouse. I'd leave the top 3 buttons undone and I'd tuck my shirt into a black tight pencil skirt. My legs would lead to some high heels and I would love for you to BEG me to smell my panties.
Taking your fetish and making it feel so real that when you're done talking to me you are so satisfied. I'm an expert in going further than you ever imagined.

Country: US flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
13 Mar 2019

kinkyRebecca's Private Diary

Dear Diary, added 25th October, 2018, 18:37

It's been a long time since i've written in you. You guys who call me know that my husband has been neglecting my tight puffy pussy. I've been scrubbing my house like crazy trying to get out all this pinned up sexual frustration. I'm thinking about going to the gym and having a really fit young stud spot me while I squat. Maybe after that I'll take him in the bathroom and suck on his cock. I don't want to cheat but, I need it.

What would you do to help me?

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