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"Come over here and let me taste you......" 15:05

KissMae: 28, Caucasian, Athletic
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KissMae's Description

I'm a little like a Pandora's box, full of surprises - Travelling around can be a little frustrating at times, alone in a hotel room craving attention and more so craving to give attention, with a mind full of fantasies that I want to fulfill. My pleasure only comes from giving pleasure. I am 99% Angel but Ohhh that 1%......

Personal Number: 0810

My naughty secret: Somebody once told me that the grass is always greener if it is kept watered - As innocent as I look I have many naughty secrets too naughty to share in writing but with that special person, I would thrive in sharing those naughty secrets - Are you that special person????

I would love to: I would love to put on my Burlesque attire and dance freely around a very busy House of Commons while all the watchers watch.... Maybe one day !!!

I'm expert in: Expert in Pleasure - Tantric, BDSM , Sensation Play, Voyeurism, Sharing + more. My greatest skill of all is the ability to "want" to please in every way, I'm an "All in kinda girl" for adults only!

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
10 hours ago

KissMae's Private Diary

Unexpected added 4th May, 2019, 20:55

He blew my mind in the early hours, I wasn't expecting that, that voice was just oh so so powerfully sexy it sent shock waves through every inch of my body, every word he spoke made my blood turn to electricity as it raced through my veins with sparks, hearing the quickening from his breathing made me feel even more excited than I have ever felt, is this supposed to happen I asked myself...... he felt so close I felt like I could almost touch his beautiful face, I melted to a puddle and now he is permanently affixed in my inappropriate thoughts and I like it.

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