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KrystalRepeat's Description

Howdy Y'all! I'm a sexy, curvy gal from a small town in America with a wild imagination! I get off on finding men's pleasure points and teasing to explosion. My pussy gets so wet when I'm extremely turned on, tell me you have a beard and it's instantaneous wetness. I have very intense orgasms, so if you are lucky enough to make me, be prepared to blow your load when you hear me cum! My favourite position is cowgirl deep and hard. While I ride, I like to reach behind and tickle the balls.
My naughty secret is I love to play with my pussy while a man watches, but does not touch. Really gets my juices flowing! Getting my toys out to play with, seeing the frustration on a mans face while I pleasure myself is extremely delightful for me.
I would love to dominate you, tell you how bad of a boy you have been...and punish you. I am the queen of tease, but ask me nicely and I may just relieve your tension building up in your balls. I demand obedience. If you obey my every command, I will reward you.
I am an expert in sucking cock. I'd love spitting on a throbbing cock, then take it all into my mouth until I gag. My mouth can fit quite large cocks inside it, has even had two at one time in it.

Personal Number: 0261

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
8 Jan 2019

KrystalRepeat's Private Diary

Hot Summer Days Like These added 12th July, 2018, 11:21

With all this hot weather in England, I have been extremely hungry for sex and self satisfying myself to keep my appetite at bay. The other day I was gardening in my bikini to top up my tan...also as a way I can cope with the heat! I was drinking some cold homemade lemonade that I had made earlier when some of it dribbled down my cleavage. It shocked me, but made me equally turned on. The cold liquid ran down in between my tits and nestled in the top of my bikini band before my body temperature and the sun warmed it up. I got myself all worked up over this one moment of pleasure that I had to sit down on my sun lounger. As I sat down, I felt a twinge deep down in my pussy, and I squirmed to keep it going. The mixture of the hot sun and my pussy tingling was enough to get me frustrated. I slowly started to trace down my left breast as my other hand caressed my inner thighs. I was thinking at that moment I did not care if my neighbours were home, I was going to make myself cum. I pulled my bikini top over to release my left breast as I brought my other hand down into my bikini bottoms to find my clit. By this point my clit was aching to be touched so when my index finger first found it, I shuddered at the feeling it was shooting up my spine, making my nipples rock hard. I laid down fully on my sun lounger, pulling my right breast from my bikini top, so that both nipples felt the red hot sun beating down on them. I could feel my clit swell as I flicked it gently, and then began to rub it slightly harder, making my hips buck forward. I licked my finger and made little circles around my left nipple bud, keeping it as hard as I could. By this point I was very wet, and could feel my bikini bottoms moisten as I moved my hips back and forth. Through all of this, I could hear something coming from my neighbours garden. I opened my eyes very slightly and searched their house, and I was right, my neighbour was pulling back his curtain on the first floor bedroom that overlooked his and my garden. I could only just make out it was definitely him and now his wife. This made me smile, and spurred me on! I began to increase my speed on my clit rubbing, as I started to pinch my nipples with my other hand, one at a time. I could feel my orgasm building deep inside me, it was going to be an intense one. My hips thrusting forward, I slid two fingers into my sopping wet pussy and pleasure ripped through my whole body, getting me to the edge very quickly. I let a moan out, a bit louder than I had intended...And as I did, I snuck a peak at my neighbour. At this stage he had pulled the curtain back and had pulled down his shorts and boxers and was gripping his cock hard while holding onto the side of the window frame. I could see he was enjoying the show, so I stepped it up even more. I took off my bikini bottoms and spread my legs open wide, thrusting my fingers deep inside my pussy deeper and faster than before. Pinching my nipples as hard as I could stand and grabbing them hard while I fucked my pussy with two fingers. I decided to open my eyes and stare at my neighbour, hoping he would see me watch him. He stopped stroking his cock as his eyes met mine. He looked like a deer in headlights, but I winked at him and bit my bottom lip. This made him smile and I think he knew I wanted him to continue to wank for me. So he slowly carried on sliding his hand up and down his hard cock. I thought at this point that I could invite him over for a cheeky close up...or more. I did for a split second think whether it would be awkward next time I saw his wife. So I thought "Fuck it" and took my two fingers from my pussy and put them..

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