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Ladylove's Description

A bit of everything. I�??ll tie a guy up, blindfold him tickle him with a feather before going to town on him. Shower sex is one of my favourites. Using various pieces of furniture as a base for sexual operations is always fun. I�??ll try just about anything once. I have an adventurous spirit, which translates into bedroom antics quite nicely. My aim is to make your world explode and your body melt all over me. Kissing your neck, nipples and all the way down baby.
I love using honey to pour on the penis and slide it in side of me then suck it right off. Them lick my way down to your balls an lick the slowly before sucking them.
To make it more fun I fill my mouth with water and suck the ball till you cum....
I would love to be giving each other head while submerged under water. Also having sex while giving some one head.
My expertise lie in riding the dick front and back as well as fucking on my head. You may also like it with my legs wrapped round your waist and my hands touching the floor. Or sex in splits.

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

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14 Sep 2019

Ladylove's Private Diary

I'm looking for nasty is that you 5477 added 9th July, 2015, 21:16

Hi there I'm looking to talk to somebody he's a real free or someone who dreams of being a real free I'm looking for somebody who knows how to make me wet in a different and unusual way and if I'm talking to you why are you need to give me a call. 5477

I love my legs to be spread open I love my clit to be late and is that real hard and looking for a guy who wants to put his tongue in places and his hands on wobbly bits round and fluffy breast. many nipples are dark and round and hard, tell me what you gonna do to them differently from the next guy.

I like to get real filthy and real nasty and I wanna know if you have that type of person if you are I want to hear all about it just give me a call or send me a message.

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