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I have always had a habit of teasing the boys, making their little cocks hard then denying them any chance with me,while laughing in their worthless faces. I am a very dominate girl, i love being in control and ruining the weak, using them and making them hand over everything they have. Draining wallets is not the only thing i do, watching you drain your balls over me is amusing as well.Jerk of to me losers!
I secretly enjoy balloons fetishes,smokey blow jobs, watching you eat your cum,moaning on the phone for you jerk off boys
hear your pathetic little loser selves out there measure that cock while i laugh and u spoil me.love to tease you with these perky tits,huge hard nipples that you will NEVER feel! Come on piggy you can do it,get out your wallet and connect with me. lets take your cock out for a humiliation walk:)
FEET, Body worship, face sitting, spanking, teasing, stockings, sissy training, money mistress, finndomme, stripper addiction, balloons, smoking

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leximarie's Private Diary

why you will grow to love cuckolding.... added 19th October, 2015, 03:19

Cuckold phone sex is where I get fucked and you don't! Seem unfair? What is unfair is that your shrimp dick cannot do anything for a woman. If you really love your woman, you want her sexually satisfied. And if you cannot do it, then you need to step to the sidelines and find someone who can. Get her a surrogate lover. One with a huge fucking cock worthy of her pussy. It will make your love stronger. Trust me. Did my BOYFRIEND enjoy seeing a cock 5 times bigger and thicker than his penetrate my pussy that first time? Did he enjoy licking my pussy juice off that cock? No, but he has grown to love it because he loves me. Every time I get pounded hard by a real cock, he sees the pure pleasure in my eyes. He sees me cum like I deserve. He sees me get filled up with all the cum I need. Our relationship is stronger than ever before because I am sexually satisfied. Why don't you just realize you can't please your woman sexually? Accept the fact that she deserves a sexual surrogate to do what you can't. Trust me, I know a thing or two about making relationships stronger. Your wife or girlfriend will thank you. You will thank me!

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