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Librada Cam Xpanded
GB flag Librada

"Im feeling super naughty, a bit of roleplay would get me good, come get it ;)" 09:24

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My Cam is not online!

but you can still send me a message.

Librada's Description

Big&Curvy housewife.

I swing both ways, men, women. I don't mind, you need it? I got it.

I can be your slave or I can be your best friend, either one will do.

Here to satisfy your needs, hope to talk to you soon ;)
I love naughty things outside, with a risk of getting caught. Nothing better than the cold making my nipples so hard, and being pumped full of cum.
Be used and adored in an orgy, to be fucked, licked & played with all at once, and to please everyone else.
All the boys my way say I'm the best with my mouth.
And the girls too ;)

My mouth is also good because of my voice, dirty talking is my forte, but I can also be kind and sweet.

Personal Number: 3753

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
5 Apr 2019

Librada's Private Diary

A naughty shop added 15th October, 2018, 10:03

Yesterday, me and hubby went out shopping for christmas. All through the day, I noticed he would get the occasional raging hard-on, and ill be honest, it got me so wet! But there was nowhere to go, albeit while shopping or out in the car.

We eventually got to a quiet little bargain store, I bent down to pick up my purse that I had dropped, ans he came up behind me with his throbbing cock trying to burst through his joggers.

I wenr crazy, as I stood up I felt his breath on my necl and his hand on my hip. I melted. I wanted him. I needed him inside of my.

I looked around as I took his hand, and led him to the nearest bathroom, I didnt care who saw, concequences will come after.

I barely got to lock the cubicle before his joggers were down his ankles, and he was trying to bend me over the sink. I spread my perfect juicy ass for him, and he slid his long thick perfect cock into me. I felt him twich with pleasure and throb inside my dripping wet pussy. It was so ludicrous, but so good!

He didnt last long, sadly, but he fucked me good and hard! His hand over my mouth to stop me screaming, and his hot creamy load shot straight up deep inside of my, i could feel every last little drop shoot into me.

Afterwards, we quickly cleaned ourselves up, and left. No one said anything to us, but they probably heard a lkttle something ;)

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