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Hi I'm Lucy, very friendly and easy to talk to. A sophisticated blonde, with green eyes, curvy body, wobbly bum and long slim legs, I love wrapping around you. Teasing you till you can't stand it any more and making you crave my tight wet pussy. Let me make you cum like no other, over and over, it will be our secret..spank me woops! Call me!
My secret is, I love to get really naughty in a public places. I once wanked off my boyfriend, on a crowded tube it was great, no one suspected a thing, so naughty!! Getting it on in a hotel pool when on holiday...mmmmm sexy.
Would love to be spoiled by two girls, who really know what they are doing.
Double penetration would be an experience never to forget... Want to try??
Diversity is the secret. I love role-play, cuckold, dirty housewife, dirty slut, naughty secretary, or I can slip on my latex and you will be mine! Expert in oral and teasing. I need a foot slave!!

Personal Number: 6431

Country: ES flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
46 minutes ago

LucyJuicy's Private Diary

My Naughty Neighbour from Man to Boy! added 5th February, 2016, 12:45

I was in the shower one morning, singing rather badly, when my door bell rang.
who's that I thought, grabbing a towel, running to the door.
I opened the door, and in front of me stood a tall, dark, quiet good looking guy.
'Hi I'm Steve just moved in across the hall from you, I need a big favour
'OK, my names Lucy, what's the favour?'
'Any chance I can get some coffee?'
'Sure come in'
Heading towards the kitchen I could feel his eyes burning through my towel to see what was underneath, slowly looking me up and down.
Once in the kitchen I opened the top cupboard, and reached for my spare jar of coffee.
All of a sudden he was behind me, really close, I could feel his large cock was erect.
'What are you doing I screamed.' This had no effect, as he slid his hand between my legs.
I could not believe what was happening, but I was starting to get aroused.
His fingers slipped inside my pussy, I began to get really wet.
Spinning around I pushed him away, thinking no, I'm going to control this situation. I'll teach him a lesson he won't forget!
Dropping to my knees, I pulled his tracksuit bottoms down and started to lick his balls slowly with my tongue, and sucking the bottom of his cock.
He moaned and put his head back, but there was no way I was going to let him cum.
Standing up, moving into the hall way, I started to give him slow French kisses, licking his lips and poking my tongue just a little bit in his mouth.
By this point his hard cock was dripping with pre-cum. I dropped to my knees again, scooped up his pre-cum with my tongue and swallowed, his body starting to shake; I led him to the bedroom.
Pushing him on to the bed, I grab my stockings from the bedside table and started to tie his hands and feet to the bed.
For the next two hours I teased him, but would not let him cum, watching as his cock and balls twitch, getting harder and bigger.
I rubbed all my pre-cum onto my tits and slowly sat back on his cock, just allowing the tip of it to enter my hot wet pussy, I leaned forward with my tits over his face, so he could smell my pussy, taste my pussy, but not fuck it.
The frustration on his face turned me on even more, as I took my large 8inch vibrator and pleasured myself to orgasm, inches away from his face. This drove him mad, he was so frustrated, he was crying.
At this point, I untied him and led him to the door, opened it and gently pushed him out.
He looked like a little lost boy.
My words to him were, if you're a good boy, I may take you on as my little sissy boy bitch or slave, I'll let you know, and slammed the door. Oh, and by the way he didn't get his coffee!


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