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LucyLoves's Description

Lucy looks innocent, but hook up with her on private cam or give her a call and discover her totally naughty and filthy side. She aims to fulfill your wildest fantasies and desires!

Personal Number: 4382

My naughty secret: When I worked as a stripper I had such a crush on the barmaid. On my 21st birthday we went to a local casino and got more flirty with each other as the night went on. After everyone else left, we went home together and guess who woke up with a big smile on her face?

I would love to: I'm quite the exhibitionist. I would love to be on stage with my hands and feet tied while two guys completely take advantange of me in front of a large crowd. I get excited imagining all those people getting horny watching me being used.

I'm expert in: Stripping, masturbation, xxx cam chat, phone sex, uniforms, and heels!

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

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Over 12 months ago

LucyLoves's Private Diary

Lucy Loves added 28th June, 2012, 10:43

Being loud. I was telling a customer on Tuesday about the time when I was living in Berkshire. I was regularly having loud sex at 3/4 o clock in the morning with random girls and boys.

When I fuck I love enjoying myself and I will scream the house down if I'm really having a good time. The only problem was I got a noise complaint through from the council. One of my proudest moments yet, getting a noise complaint letter for having sex too loudly.

The particular complainer was a neighbour of mine. Funny thing was she didn't realise that one of those times I was loud it was with her boyfriend.

He had come to the strip club I was working in at the time and we were having a good chat, I danced for him, shoved my tits in his face, the usual. Then when I finished my shift I bumped into him walking home and it turned out we were walking to the same block of flats and that he was in fact my next door neighbour and living with his girlfriend there.

Even though they were a very respectable couple, the girl being a lawyer and he a business owner he needed a good hard shag with someone other than his girlfriend. He must have been intrueged by the loud noises because when we were outside my door he put his hand on my shoulder and ran it down my back and grabbed my arse, squeezing it tightly. He pulled me up by my arse cheeks and he put his tongue in my mouth. I was so fucking horny from working in the club I grabbed his hand and led him into my flat. I pushed him down on the sofa and sucked his dick, putting it all the way deep into my mouth.

With my little cunt dripping I sat on top of his dick and used it to make me cum. I bounced up and down on him and grinded my hips, pushing his dick further into my tight pussy. I was loud as usual and hoped his girlfriend could hear me and she wouldn't know it was her boyfriend I was fucking and making me scream.

I don't think he knew what hit him. His leg began to shake so I jumped off and he blew his load right in my face. His cum dripped off my chin and onto my tits. I scooped it up with my fingers and put them in my mouth. His cum tasted good.

He lay there panting and claiming that now he gets why I make so much noise in the early hours of the morning. He grabbed his trousers, put them on and asked me please to not tell his girlfriend what happened, but that I'm welcome to use his dick any time I like.

I had no use for his dick again though, as I'm sure he gathered from the noise coming from next door.

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