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Malou's Description

Who am I? I'm the posh girl in public that turns into the kinkiest, naughtiest whore you've ever come across the minute I enter your bedroom. I love to please and I have plenty of trick ups my sleeve to drive you wild and wanting to come back for more.
Call me for the sexiest phonesex you've ever had. And if you want to spice it up even more, then request a caller cam experience. That just drives me wild!
I once had a very naughty threesome with two strangers when on holiday in Ibiza. What was planned as a one night ended up going on for the whole week I was there. We did absolutely everything imaginable... And I mean everything!
There are so many things I'd love to try. My imagination just never stops. And when it comes to sex I'm literally insatiable. So I'd love a crazy, passinate gangbang. The idea of having unlimited supply of hard cocks drives me crazy...
I'm an expert in blowjobs. Am I really that good? Well, I once made the impossible possible by making a (sexually very experienced) man who'd never cum from a blowjob shoot his load in my mouth!


Personal Number: 5787

Country: SE flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
3 hours ago

Malou's Private Diary

The more the merrier... added 16th January, 2019, 00:11

I have a confession to make. I absolutely love the feeling of a naked body against mine. The feel of soft, warm skin just gets me so horny. The only thing better than a naked body against mine would be multiple naked bodies against mine. Grading against me. Then add eager and curious hands and lips to that and you know you're in for a mind blowing experience.
So, yes, I do love threesomes, -or even 'more-somes! And my absolute favourite is when I am 'the ham in the sandwich' with two bodies draping themselves around me. Kissing me, teasing me, touching me, fucking me.
I always end up having these encounters with strangers. And they are rarely planned. It adds to the thrill. It's all about pleasure, giving and receiving. Braking boundaries. Using each other as sex toys. Part of the thrill is going with the flow so that sometimes it will be only women, or only men, or a mix. It's all about bodies and pleasure. Just warm, eager and horny bodies. And lots and lots of orgasms!
My absolute fantasy would be an endless supply of bodies at my disposal. Lining up to take their turn with me. Men and women of all ages. With one aim in mind and that's pleasure. Mutual pleasure. I'd loose track of time, or have many orgasms I've had, or have many bodies I'd enjoyed, and who had enjoyed mine. Some would be tender and loving, others would be intense and passionate, or dominating or submissive. An endless list of combinations. My body covered in spunk and pussy juice.

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