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GB flag MissBustyBabe

"my mic is now working so who wants to see and hear me get super naughty :P " 19:36

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MissBustyBabe's Description

I am a big titted bitch who loves all things that are kinky and fun. Nice big rack of double Gs also I have a fat ass to match :P I love to get naughty and find out what makes people tick and get turned on too. I am a very naughty slut who wants to make you all cum.
My secret is that when I am so fucking horny by watching a man wank his big cock for me and as i fuck my toy sometimes I cum a little too hard and cum. I love to be a dominant bitch and make you all my submissive little fuckers.
I would love someone to start to whisper in my ear and as they pull me closer i grab that big hard cock and start to wank it, making it rock solid and i would stick that big dick in my mouth as take as much as your dick inch by inch as I can handle until you scream you want me to fuck you.
I am an expert in deep throating juicy dick, being a squirter and cumming hard and making it rain. I am dominant and love to find out what turns people and make them cum.

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
20 Jun 2019

MissBustyBabe's Private Diary

Bus Journey added 7th November, 2017, 17:52

I was on the way home today from the town centre and I love to sit on the back of the bus however I forgot I had a short tight drss on.

I sat down after realizing that the back of the bus vibrates when its still, so I thought I better go to the top of the bus as no one sits up there.

The bus was moving a long as it does and then I can feel the vibrations under me which is making my clit throb so hard.

I look around too see if anyone can see me. Luckily the cameras was down on this day. So I slid my hand up my dress and started to rub my clit and the more I rubbed my clit the more I let out a sharp gasping moan. I did this for at least a minute or so hoping it was subside my urges until I got home.

HOW WRONG WAS I, We stopped at the stop to have a break for the driver. Everyone was doing there own things and the engine was vibrating away making my pussy more wet with each vibration. Luckily I had my mini bullet in my bag which I put on the top setting and slid my dress up one more time ao that I could moan like fuck and not cared who heard me and the more the vibrating bullet hit my clit i was so close to orgasm It took no less then 20 seconds to orgasm and I let out 2 in a row and then I feel a sensation inside of me and I let go of that and opened my eyes. I squirted all down the aisle of the bus....

Oopsy :P

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