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MissJones's Description

This is where I stand out from the crowd.......my sexy sultry irish accent will have you excited in your seat. I'll have you cuming back for more and more....How do you fancy that irish sexetary getting you hot under that collar.....quick lil fingers not just on my keyboard.....
I'd chatted to a sexy 26 year old on line but never met him, that is, until I invited him round to mine late one night, left the front door unlocked and turned out all the lights.....I lay in bed waiting..the sexy silhouette arrived in my bedroom and I seduced him never actually seeing who he was..
Have our very own wet t-shirt competition, my white wet t-shirt dripping and cooling you down as we get hotter and hotter as sit on that deliciously stiff cock of yours... only if you can handle my nice pert nipples poking through the wetness tho....
Arriving at your front door wearing my fur coat and no knickers, although I'm sure you won't mind if I've my suspenders on and my knee high boots ready to get you stiff on my arrival....

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
22 Jul 2019

MissJones's Private Diary

An old flame.... added 7th May, 2019, 08:53

So I was taken very much unawares when I bumped into an old flame just recently. I couldn't believe when I looked up from chatting to my friends when he just seem to appear from nowhere.... My tummy flipped and I thought "flip me where did you appear from". I'd not seen him for years but instantly, I could feel his gaze on me and I think I was staring at him too. He came over to chat to me. I could hardly speak for smiling and laughing. I couldn't believe he was in front of me after all this time. The attraction and spark was still there, I could feel it as his eyes burrowed into mine. He said how well I was looking and then I was glad I had worn those knee high boots!! We spent a while catching up, he was up close and I could smell that aftershave. Standing with him felt amazing and I could feel the electricity between us. I whispered in his ear, lets get out of here and he said, that's the best thing you've said all night.....I couldn't wait to get him home......I could hardly get the front door open before we fell into it, he pushed me up against it, and kissed me hard, cupping my breasts firmly and slowly sliding his hand up my dress. I just wanted him so badly. He got me inside and bent me over the stairs and slid his huge bulging cock inside me. It had been a long time since I'd felt that familiar cock and he reminded me of his authority. He spanked my ass with my dress hitched up over my ass and screwed me like he knew how!! It was frantic and fiery and I loved it. I came hard all over that big bad boy of his and then I heard him tell me that I was gonna make him cum hard and boy did he do just that! Wow, what a time.... just proves that the fire still burns bright in an old flame.....

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