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"I’m here after a long time come and see me in my sexy kinky boots" 00:52

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NancyRoberts's Description

I will tell you stories that will make you drip and I want to hear your kinky fantasies, get you to taste how sweet that dribble is, how horny are you .. not really ? well call me and I will whisper in your ear. I will tell you about my flings with the randy house wife next door, how she made me cum in her face and when we got caught by her hubby and got dominated and spanked. I was wearing my long black boots and a pvc dress. Call me and call me Mistress!
I have many saucy secrets, when I went to my salon for a eye brow wax the brunette, polish lady started putting her fingers into my puss till I was very wet and she put her fingers into my mouth so I could taste my sweet juice, then she undid her uniform and rubbed her breasts in my face! Wow
to have a randy guy all to myself and about 5 blonde busty sluts all over us begging for his attention, but he refuses them, but licks me all over, spanking me and biting the back of my neck, that makes me go wild, the bed is huge with satin sheets,we go into a pool,then I watch him fuck them!
Domination, I am an excellent Mistress but can be a very good sub when told properly what to do !
I am good at making women and guys cry with pleasure and I am magical that they get hooked.

Personal Number: 6218

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
20 Feb 2019

NancyRoberts's Private Diary

The heating was broke, I was officially frigid - Now the heat is on! added 9th July, 2017, 01:17

After living the single life I thought am I gay,as no man excited me at all, bisexual since youth, one of my offspring a fully fledged lesbian. Now at my age I was seeing couples and sighing why not me, a romantic, dinner, wine, garlic breath, a bunk up, then a moving in celebration, then nights of come on honey lets go to bed together, wake up together more or less; eat, shxx, and do it all together, forever ?? i call it the 3 year lucky if fed up or unlucky if luvved up, 'three year' breakup came. maybe the holiday from hell, will make you or break you, that week or 2 together i recommend do it asap but on the other hand if your enjoying the homely farts and cuddles carry on, 3 years into a relationship especially when your living together,you may see their true colours or show them yours, i have had many experiences i will name a few SEAN, the chronic tall dark baby father who just has to go to sleep with the old desperate chubby baby momma who is waiting anticipating, for her annual bang, hopefully she does not get a clap dose with it. Sadly with 5 of them mommas, no matter how much i kidded myself! well he sleeping in my bed luv! its a case of the knife in the back when momma hen replys 'and washing my pum juice from his boxers!'Then good guy all nice and cherry pie an engagement ring for xmas,meet his folks at christmas and shag his uncle or worse his dad, next time think I will aim for the mum, lol...too nice daily missionary positions, i think about army missionaries and the old word i used 'bunk up' im wondering the metal bunks in the war days had no space for doggy style, well doggy style u save that for the shorter willys when u need a proper bang.. i could go on and on, there is too nice, to missonary, to big and waddling like a duck so everyone knows you have been fucked, words going to get about and the old sandra dee will be nabbing a ride and possibly leaving a dose of her gigalos chlamydia behind...
Well horny as fuck for me comes 2 weeks after my red week, with a coil of copper and no hormones im fuking anything, normally day 14, so guys all the bitching from pmt it is nature she pissed you off with her mood swings so take it out and slap it in her face and come all over the bitch make her a disgrace on day 14, use rubber if no bumps required, i think the pill was designed by men to control woman, making them fat, so chubby they don't need tieing to the kitchen sink as there stuck in the fridge most nights, but chocolate is a sex replacement so horny wifey no more if shes scoffing 5 crunchies a day like me, btw i inserted a crunchie into my pum the other day it melted quickly, but i ate it all up. So remember a horny wife is usually day 14 after her rag, red, monthly, thats the date when breeding can be successful.so beware... anyway i was frisky no hot water as Id moved into a mates flat, now single lady after many long term english,...chocolate player and a loyal asian pussy slayor..or pantie thief, a few passport handbag hunters from egypt who are very strict , u wife , u no party! game over mate if u go egypt, stay single if u want to mingle, or your holiday will be ruined lol and thats another story ..gosh I will have to carry this on sorry Nancies guide to the men in the galaxy, to be continued. Well heating man turned up, bent over, purple boxers and peachy ass, my pussy was twitching and Im feeling creamy thank god my pussy is alive,my juices flowing i get out the dildo and oh no batteries are dead, so i put on a sexy nighties and ask him does he need a hand well, lets just say his boner was grand, i made a move and sucked him off as i knelt on the floor, he come all over my face! to be continued.

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