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Hi There.I'm Emma, your bi, young fun,adventurous busty blonde.Who knows how to have fun and loves lots of it.I am always horny, gagging for more.I'm willing to try almost anything once.I have lots of filthy naughty stories to tell.I love nothing more than lying on my bed in some sexy lingerie and speaking to hot horny guys,having lots of mind blowing fun.But be warned once i cum i just cant stop!
Every chance i get i go in my flat mates bedroom.I put on some of her sexy lingerie.Lye on her bed and masturbate until i cum in her knickers.Then i put them back in her draw.I hope she will catch me one day.
I would love to be tied up and blindfolded while a group of sexy men and women,did whatever they wanted to me.
Filthy chat,sexting,teasing,seducing,listening,fulfilling your needs and desires,role-play,range of fetishes,domination and sexy lingerie.

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NymphoEmma's Private Diary

Indoor Pool Fun added 17th October, 2014, 05:02

Its was the last day of my 2 week holiday in Tunisia. Me and my friend Sarah were on our way back from a night out.I said to her i want some fun when we go back,lets go down to the indoor pool.She looked at me her eyes wide with excitement.

We went to our hotel room and slipped in to our bikini's and went in to the showers by the pool.We snogged each other. I undid her bikini top and threw it on the floor.I got some shower gel and lathered up her sexy breasts. I ran my hands down her stomach and pulled down her bikini bottoms.She stepped out of them and spread her legs, i got more shower gel and poured it on my hand and massaged it in to her hot wet pussy.Then i slide two fingers inside her and finger fucked her till she was soaking wet. She then undid my bikini top and poured shower gel all over my breasts and we rubbed our bodies together.She got to her knees and undid my sexy red bikini bottoms with her teeth as they have ribbons that tie at the sides.She then stood up and poured shower gel over my pussy and rubbed it till i was all lathered up and she fingered me with two fingers.I was on verge of cuming when she said lets go in the pool.

We got in the pool together completely naked and snogged some more. Her hand went back down to my throbbing wet pussy and she slid two fingers deep inside me and i slide two fingers deep inside her pussy as well. She fingered me harder and faster.We were so turned on at the fact anyone could walk past the pool and see us through the big glass windows.I cum so quick it was so intense and she came seconds later. We were both so loud we could not help it.Then i got her to sit on edge of pool and spread her legs really wide. I ran my tongue over her clit and parted her pussy lips with my fingers and buried my tongue deep in her pussy and tongue fucked her until she cum so hard her body was shaking.I then snogged her to share her juices, when I heard someone else's heavy breathing.I turned around to see the hotel porter stood there wanking his cock and it was the biggest cock i had ever seen!

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