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US flag Odell

"hey how are yall doing on this lovely sunday?" 01:27

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Odell's Description

Wanna chat with an attractive young gal with a good personality that gets off on teasing you? I can be that gal plus some if you would like to find out I'd be more then happy to meet you and have you dreaming about me afterwards.
I come off as a sweet innocent chick but I'm secretly a freak behind closed doors, Im a sex addict and love learning new positions.
Make your dick so hard your veins will be throbbing throughout your dick and make you forget about everything else.
Domination is one thing I'm excellent at. I love taking control and doing whatever I want to a man. I'm also a very hot tease and it's pretty much natural.

Personal Number: 2165

Country: US flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
23 Oct 2019

Odell's Private Diary

I'd talk super dirty if I knew how! added 26th December, 2018, 06:02

So I have come to realization that I can't talk dirty to save my life! Haha like I legit talk dirty in the mirror and laugh at myself cuz I sound ike a goofy mofo! Don't get me wrong I can come up with some vular jokes all day long that has guys so stunned the flies choking em up, havin them soundin like they are choking on cum! Hahaha. Seriously though I need someone to school me on how to talk dirty and actually sound like a kinky chick instead of a goofy middle school curser lol

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