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OliviaVexx's Description

I am the sexy fun loving woman you always dreamed of; the beautiful Alpha Femme personified - confident and in charge. I am dominant by nature and love hot sex with Alpha men. However I love to play with all my callers in any fun and creative way! I have no taboos and love all kinds of perverted, kinky play. From sensual to severe I love sissies, sluts, cucks, and subs to sexy guys who know how to have fun with a beautiful open minded woman.
Although I am a real life Mistress I sometimes like to switch when the scene suits me - But always ask me first and see if I am in the mood to do so!
Getting inside your head to learn all the dirty secrets you can tell only Me; your Mistress. I love taking control and leading you where you desperately long to go. Cam to cam is My favorite; I love to watch while I tease and torment you!
BDSM FemDom Cuckolds Sissy play Kinky role plays Orgasm control SPH BBC Sensual Domination Nurse/Medical Tease Facesitting Body Worship Foot worship Sensual Domme Dirty Talk CFNM JOI CEI T&D & more

Personal Number: 8410

Country: US flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
2 Sep 2019

OliviaVexx's Private Diary

Caught Part 2 added 21st April, 2017, 13:52

"Just what are you doing?" My tone was cold enough to cut ice. He dropped the panties and scrambled to pulled his pants up but not quickly enough to hide his withering erection from my view. He sputtered "Oh my god Olivia I am so sorry I just couldn't help it I always thought you were so hot and wow that gym outfit...." His face was beet red and his breath ragged. I was not swayed by the weak excuses for his actions and told him so. When I showed him the video capture his ruddy face went dead white. "Oh no no no please no" he moaned; a very different moan from what I heard earlier. My red pouty mouth stretched in an evil grin as I informed him of my intentions to tell his girlfriend and all the other neighbors so they would not ever let him in their homes to be violated in such a manner. "Olivia please no I will do anything; simply anything you want I will be your slave; like literally, really; just please do not share that what I can I do to make up for this?!" I snickered to myself. Slave?!
Well he was about to find out just what that meant.
"Ok; we all make mistakes; do things we regret. But time to pay up. Let me tell you how it is going to be. Get your pants OFF. NOW." He complied quickly and with no hesitation. I picked up the pair he had been sniffing. "Since you enjoyed my dirty undies so much so here you go!" With that I stuffed them in his mouth and ordered him to lie down on the bed. I grabbed my paddle from the nightstand drawer and told him if he squirmed it would go on far longer. The thud of the paddle quickly reddened his cheeks as I delivered 30 blows and I was happy to hear his soft muffled whimpers. "You will no doubt be sore for a week. If you bruise; well too bad. You brought this on yourself.
I told him to stand up and face me as I wanted him to see what was coming next. I opened my nightstand drawer and took out my stap on and harness. His eyes widened and he garbled something through the panties in his mouth. I snatched them out and said "Down on your knees NOW and suck it. And you best get it good and wet. Because I do not plan to waste much lube on you for what comes next". His pathetic and half hearted attempts annoyed me. "Suck it like you MEAN it or I will put you down on the bed again for another 30 whacks!" I grabbed his hair and pushed his head down on my cock. "You better remember the best blow job he ever had and re-enact it on my cock." I was pleased to see him suck and lick with more enthusiasm; taking all of it in his mouth. As he gobbled my cock I informed him he would report to me 1x a week for pegging and a paddling. I also let him know he would be cleaning my floors while wearing a pair of my panties since he enjoyed them so much. But our sessions would kick off with a lovely foot massage for me. He nodded agreement as best he could while deep throating my cock.
"That is good for now. Get up on the bed with your man-pussy in the air. You are going to get it hard and if I hear a word of protest from you I will release the video to simply everyone." Finally humbled his glance was no longer insolent; however I wondered if this part would actually be a bit of a reward for him given how quickly he assumed the position. But it would bring me pleasure to give his mangina a good hard fucking and that was really all that mattered.

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