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PrettyPenney's Description

Hello boys & girls!

I'm Penney and I'm looking forward to chatting with some other pretty little things.

I get really lonely, so I absolutely ADORE company over the phone - a sexy and stimulating conversation is how I get my satisfaction- and I'm always in need of some ''satisfaction'' - preferably the type that ends up with my hands in my panties.

Call me up for a good time.


I love to drink milk straight from the carton! Such a naughty habit, but I'm a sucker for anything creamy �?�
play all day every day ! I'm a stay at home nympho with my gears in full throttle 24/7, 7 days a week! It's hard being me �?�
soaking my undies - and always the best pairs! The washing machine is both my best friend and worst enemy!

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3 Apr 2019

PrettyPenney's Private Diary

Baby It's Cold Outside! added 15th November, 2016, 17:37

Now we're into November, I'm realizing I need to upgrade my Winter wardrobe a little ... covering up though? Who wants to do that!

I came back from shopping the other day and had bought some festive red lingerie, as I couldn't resist it and popped into my favorite sex shop buying an early Christmas present for myself in the form of a bullet vibrator. Red is after all, my color. When I got home I searched for my keys and oh my God ... I had come out of the door without them! Stranded in the freezing cold. Great. I could feel my nipples hardening by the minute!

Only one thing could solve this terrible plight I found myself in. Some naughty fun. I went through the back gate and to the garden shed. Making myself comfortable on the couch - I was thinking I could be here a while! - I reclined with the vibrator in hand and slid it down my panties. The cold set my whole body into ultra sensitive mode and I climaxed with all my might into a sticky puddle. At least no one uses this couch anymore ... !

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