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"This dirrrty sex kitten is back for some filthy fucking fun, Call me meow :)" 08:36

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PrrrettyKitty's Description

I am the original, authentic, and one of a kind KITTY! I am the naughtiest, dirtiest, and most kinky sex kitten you will ever meet! Whether you want an authentic conversation or a filthy flirtation, I'm always open minded. New callers and veterans alike will enjoy my imaginative sexual prowess. I'm not your average sexy little nit wit. I can help you explore your wildest kinkiest sexual fantasies yes but I can also stimulate you mind
I LOVE my job. My sex drive is through the roof and I am sexually driven woman. This profession is like a dream come true. I get to talk about my body, my fantasies, and my own sexuality everyday and share that with my callers. I connect with my clients in a very powerful sensual sexual way.
I want to know your deepest wants, desires, needs & cravings. I love exploring the sexual world and all its fetishes, kinks, and taboos. My boyfriends in the past always complain that I am too horny & oversexed in general. That means that I have to find other outlets to let of my sensual steam.
I'm a skilled submissive BUT can turn the tables easily. Deep throating, titty wanks, rough play, spanking, threesomes, gang bangs, double/triple penetration, toys, role play, & so much more!

Country: IT flag

Languages: EN flag

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Over 12 months ago

PrrrettyKitty's Private Diary

Someone Has a Secret added 30th September, 2015, 21:38

Dear Diary,
I have secrets. Everyone does. Don't you? You know what is just the damnedest thing? Sometimes you meet someone that shares that same secret and when you do, they need not say it aloud. Desire pulls you and that someone together and in desire... in passion... in sex... you need not say it aloud but that secret is spoken.
It is spoken the moment you and that someone rip one another's clothes off in a broom closet or maybe a pool house, anywhere you can really. It is spoken when that someone lifts you off of the ground, cradling your plump ass in his hands as I wrap my legs around that someone's hips. His cock is hard and I feel it pulsing with desire as it grinds against the crotch of my panties. My sweet smooth pussy lips begin to drip and my clit throbs begging to be stimulated.
Someone props my ass up on a table and it's as if he's reading my thoughts when he rips off my panties and brings his mouth to my aching twat. He feverishly stimulates me orally, sucking on my clit till I come near the point of climax but he grabs me by the waist and in what seemed like an instant I am on all fours, my fat little ass propped up in the air, and my smooth pink pussy lips begging for him to slip his cock between them.
My secret is, I like it dirty. I am a cum slut submissive who begs for someones cock. I want to be all used up by a big cock and then used some more. So now I have told someone my secret, tell me your secret, someone.

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