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Queen Of Nubian - Queen of Charm, Grace and Intimacy
I'm a dark horse, so mystical, so enticing... I cannot be caged.
Tell me your deepest desires, your innermost fantasies - anything you desire, anything you require. Sapiosexual - Let's get real intellectual and make love to each others minds.
My pussy greeted the Moon on a beautiful beach in Florida at 3AM. It was the most exhilarating experience that I've ever had and I think about it often and smile - there were people right near us but we didn't even care!
I would love to get really kinky, be tied up, blindfolded and dominated. I also love to dominate and get really nasty.
Expert in dirty talk, pillow talk, fantasy
Expert in anything that my heart resonates with
Expert in Creativity, Sensuality, Massage

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Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
28 Jun 2019

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