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RaunchyRiisey's Description

I have dark, wide eyes and full lips... all the better for wrapping around your cock and swallowing you whole, whilst looking you dead in your eyes. I'm a raunchy little freak, I'm open minded and VERY experimental. I love the basic, vanilla sex (who doesn't?) as well as the more 'out there' stuff. I'm into both domination and submission, I can be whoever you want me to be sweetheart, and I absolutely adore anal play. You hard yet? I know my nipples are. I'm wet and I'm waiting...
Hmm if I tell you it's not a secret is it?
Let's switch it up a bit, naughty fact about me is: I have 3 piercings in very suggestive places. I'll leave the whereabouts to your imagination!
I would love to be the reason you log onto this site, pick up the phone and call... Me. I guarantee 100% happy endings.
1. Ensuring ease and comfortability at all times,
2. The ability to conjure a hard on within minutes (I have a way with words),
3. And, I guarantee I can make you cum like a gooden!

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RaunchyRiisey's Private Diary

What a wanker!!! added 22nd May, 2016, 14:42

I just can't help myself sometimes... I could be at work, out with friends, or even sat at home and my clit starts throbbing. It's like a dull ache at first and then it eventually builds into a crescendo that I just can't ignore. Take today for instance, I was in town with the ladies having cocktails, chatting about nothing in particular when 'throb throb throb' the old clit starts going. Making my excuses, I grabbed my handbag and headed towards the toilets and before I'd even locked the door my dress was up, knickers in hand as I bent over the toilet, vibrator in hand buzzing away like a fucking good en! Took me a whole of 3 minutes before I squirted my juices all over myself. Wiping my cum off the dildo I cleaned myself up and left the cubicle to find my best friend Claire waiting for me wide eyed. I smiled shyly and hurried past her to the sink to wash my hands, but I could feel her eyes on me. How much had she heard? Did she know I was in there fucking myself with a piece of 8inch vibrating plastic? Before I summoned the courage to ask her she came over, grabbed my arse and whispered in my ear "next time let me join you"...

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