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RedPhoenix's Description

Flirty red head with a cheeky personality. Very quick sense of humour and likes to keep you guessing.
My ass is my best asset and I love hearing about what people would like to do to it. I'm open to trying everything at least once as I have a big appetite
Hear detailed descriptions of what you want to do to me. It really turns me on. I love hearing others fantasies and helping fulfil them
Teasing you to the point of begging for me and that's without even having to touch you. Plus my tongue is an expert too

Personal Number: 7134

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
13 hours ago

RedPhoenix's Private Diary

Last night's fantasy added 12th June, 2019, 20:41

So l was kinda hoping that last night you were going to call me. Well I was feeling really horny last night baby and I really really wanted you. I was laying on my bed and I was imagining you running your hand up the inside of my thigh whilst kissing my neck. You would push my white lace thong to one side and start sucking on my clit. One of your hands wondered up under my dress and under my bra and you began to play with my nipples, gently tweaking them. You then start to softly run your tongue along my clit before pushing it as deep as possible inside me. I have my hands on the back of your head pushing you down. You make me so wet. I then wrap my legs around your neck and flip you over so that I am sitting on your face. You look up at me as a start to slowly lift my dress up over my head and remove my bra. Your tongue feels so good and you have me moaning your name. Your put your hands on my thighs and roll me over onto my back. You then kiss your way up my stomach, licking my nipples and then move onto my neck. As you are doing this I remove your pants start massaging your hard cock. Slowly you start teasing me by only putting in the tip. You get me begging you for more. Please baby, please I want you. So you oblige and quick and hard put all of you in me. I start digging my nails into your back as you do that. You want to go slow and gentle but I tell you that I want it hard and fast. With one hand you pin both my hands above my head, your other hand is gently squeezing my neck. The whole time you are looking me in the eyes and you can see the passion and lust that I have for you, because I can see it in your eyes too. I imagined you filling me moaning my name as you climaxed and telling me how wet and tight I am. We lay on the bed next to each other completely naked and both completely out of breath. You have left me dripping and I have completely drained you. So that was my fantasy last night.

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