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RoseLa's Description

Shy, sexy and naughty... Tell me what to do, and I'll do it! There's something about a hard cock that I cannot resist. I'm wet just thinking about it ;) let's play.
My naughty secret is... I love fucking guys, but I also love fucking girls too ;) let me talk you through all of my experiences, there's nothing I won't love to do.
I want to bend over and let you fuck me from behind. Doggy gets you deeper, and I loooove it deep, hard and fast.
I give expert blow jobs. There is nothing I love more than feeling a hard, wet dick in my mouth, sliding down my throat as deep as I can get.

Personal Number: 8392

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

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RoseLa's Private Diary

Since so many of you want to know my naughty stories... added 11th September, 2017, 10:59

I get a lot of people asking me what kind of naughty things have I been up to recently... and since I've just had a pretty hot weekend I thought I should let you all know ;).

It began with one of my friends coming to visit.. we got to a few bars and everything was going well. We bumped into an old friend I haven't seen for a while and he sat and had a few drinks with us... one drink turned into several drinks and he ended up sliding his hand under the table, up my skirt... pushing my thong to the side and sliding his fingers into my tight pussy. I had to act like nothing was going on in front of my friend so that she, nor anyone else in the bar, would notice me getting played with. I was getting so wet that I knew I would have to fuck him, so we tried to make a few excuses to go back home, and I think my friend caught on pretty quickly, so she decided that she would like to come back to mine too. We had a few drinks at home, and she decided to get things moving by kissing along my neck and down onto my collar bone. This started getting my male friend quite horny, so he began sliding his hands up my thighs and pushing his head into my pussy. He pushed my thong to the side with his tongue, and started licking me really hard while she was kissing me.

Now... as I'm sure most of my callers know.. I am rather partial to being fucked in doggy style. I love a guy getting really deep inside me, fucking me as hard as he can while pulling my hair. My male friend picked me up and pushed me down onto the sofa so that my face was buried into my female friend's pussy so that I could lick her while he pounded into me. I was filled with his cum at exactly the same time that she squirted into my mouth ..... and I am VERY glad we ended up coming back to mine after the bar!!

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