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Sabrena Caller Cam Xpanded
US flag Sabrena

"Hello Lover, Come Let Me Drain Your Balls And Send You Off With A Smile That Will Last You All Day!! XXX Ext 0809 Hot Fun In My Private Albums xx" 12:19

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Sabrena's Description

Lively and vivacious curvaceous with a very naughty touch of spice. A steel will with a velvet voice. I'm very open minded, dominant by nature and love to take charge and put naughty gents in line. I can also be warm, sensual and caring. A perfect blend of dom and lover.
I'm very busty and voluptuous. I love using it to my advantage. I like to stand close to men and "accidentally" brush against them, the way their bodies tense and their breath quickens excites me.
Talk to you and find out what turns you on what makes you get excited at the thought and go wild with it!
Having hot & sexy fun!! I love being naughty with you but I expect you to be able to tell me what YOU want & what YOU'RE into so I can do my very best for you. I want our time together to be amazing!

Personal Number: 0809

Country: US flag

Languages: EN flag

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Sabrena's Private Diary

Sunday Morning added 5th July, 2011, 17:54

I've waited all week for this. My body is already tingling, it knows what's coming. It's Sunday morning.
As the time draws closer my breath quickens, my pulse races, my body throbs, aching for you. I've been waiting what seems an eternity. Finally, I hear your voice. It sends shivers through me.
You wrap your arms around me and I feel your heat your urgency. You're as on fire with the addictive need for me as I am for you. I give you your fix, fulfill your craving, give you something new to haunt your dreams.
I leave you used, spent, shaking and weak. I'm trembling and utterly satisfied.
We curl up basking in the feeling, dreaming already of next Sunday morning.

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