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"hi guys i'm here on phone or live cam, join me an lets get a lil freeky" 22:48

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saucylex's Description

I am a very hot an horny girl, I would totally describe myself as a nymph an every thing is always on offer, theres not much I can honestly say I haven't done, an I love to push my own bounderise I luv for a man to take control an tell me what they want me to do, but on saying that I can also be very dominant, lol I would say every thing goes.
I'm with a guy I was fukn, he's drivin I'm wearing a short skirt no panties, I took his hand between my legs an used it to play with (awesome)him rubbing my clit then fingering me, I started to cum he stopped the jeep on a country road we got out an he fuk'd me good over the bonnet, memorable night.
I want to be able to say I have tried every thing at least once, I absolutely luv sex, foreplay and just every thing to do with it, sum days I get myself off over ten times a day an I can be having sex aswell
I am mad for anal,, I luv my ass I think it looks awesome, an deep throat, I luv dirty sex, like getting pissed in my mouth an it over flows an runs over my firm tits, then down the rest of my body,

Personal Number: 7628

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
20 Sep 2019

saucylex's Private Diary

Feeling hot and horny added 6th March, 2017, 12:18

I do luv sex passionately an I like to push myself, I was getting myself off an had 3 toys sitting there so well u know just how much I luv anal lol, so I have a toy in my ass an that alone is so good but I wanted more the closer I came to climax so an other toy got kinda forced into my pussy an it's all a really tight fit an I have a smaller dildo which I then managed to also get in my ass and wow I came an it was so amazing, I want u to cum online an watch me do it all again an I can't wait see u soon xxx

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