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I love stretching my imagination and coming up with creative ways to make you beg for release. From sissies to manly men, I have something just for you. I ask questions to make sure you get exactly what you need, & I don't judge, so don't be shy. If this is your first time calling, let me know. I'll make sure to take my time & make you comfortable. Just don't be surprised if what you tell me turns me on, too. I've gotten off more than once on a call.
I love role play. I can be a college cheerleader, your boss, your neighbor, your cuckolding wife, a hypnotist, a secret transsexual...any thing you can imagine. Tell me about it, and I'll show you how hot it gets me. Dirty boys and girls are the best because they keep things interesting.
I would love to take my time and seduce you. Give yourself over to me and let me play and explore your body. I adore a sweet build up and tease. Just make sure you let me hear how much you appreciate my attention when I finally give you release. It's one of my small pleasures in life.
I give the occasional talk about sexuality and kink. Think I haven't heard of what you like? Try me. No judgement. No criticism. Just acceptance. The only topics I won't discuss are the illegal ones.

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ScarlettBlack's Private Diary

I Freely Admit I am a Heathen... added 26th October, 2015, 03:19

I love taking strong, manly men and turning them into quivering piles of happiness. This afternoon, I got the chance to do just that.

I was in the middle of working on my computer when there was a knock on my front door. I opened it to find a burly college aged young man standing in front of me in a white shirt, black tie and black slacks. Obviously, he was a young man on a "mission", but normally they travel in pairs. Whatever he was expecting, I don't think it was me in my gauzy summer dress with no bra.

Before he could open his mouth , I asked where his partner in crime was. I learned, after some stammering, he was down with the flu. I invited the young man in for something to drink.

I offered to make him some lemonade, and he accepted, trying to regain his composure. I told him he would have to go out in the back yard and pick some lemons while I got out my pitcher and got everything ready. I had hosed the back yard down that morning, so he made his way out to the tree gingerly, trying to avoid the mud.

I watched his muscles strain as he picked the lemons from the branches. I was grinning wickedly because I knew there were a few stubborn ones, and was rewarded when he pulled too hard and fell ass first into a mud puddle.

I ran out and apologized profusely. I gave him a hand up and we started walking back toward the house. As we were about to go back in, I told him he had to wait a moment. I ran into the house and got my white terry cloth robe.

I told him he'd have to strip down so he didn't track any mud into the house. He started to protest, but I told him I would wash his clothing so he could continue once they were dry, and he'd have a captive audience in the meantime.

I insisted I was a terrible, naughty heathen, and he would need that time anyway to convince me to change my ways. I turned my eyes away while he stripped down to show him how modest I was, but I still got a good eyeful in the reflection of my sliding glass door. He put on the robe, and told me it was okay to turn around.

I picked up the wet muddy pile of clothes and headed for the laundry room. I made sure to turn the thermostat down once I was out of sight.

I started the laundry, and made him some hot tea instead. I nodded and agreed with everything he said for the next 20 minutes. I heard the ding on the washer, and excused myself to move his clothes to the dryer.

I checked the thermostat and we were at a good 60 degrees. I set it to warm back up in 10 minutes and went back out to the kitchen.

I could see his teeth chattering, and he was obviously freezing. He asked for more tea, but I told him he might have hypothermia, and getting him in a hot shower was medically necessary.

I grabbed him by the hand and led him to my bathroom. I turned on the water, and pulled off his robe, herding him into my cavernous tile shower. I closed the door behind him.

I could hear him moan as the hot water cascaded over him, and waited for some steam to accumulate before I stripped down and joined him.

He had his eyes closed, so he only only knew I was there once I started pumping some soap into my hand. His eyes went wide when he saw me, and I assured him I was only there to make sure he didn't collapse. We had to make sure he got squeaky clean,to combat the hypothermia.

I took the soap and began rubbing his chest. As soon as my fingers touched him, he let out a gasp, and he held his breath as I pinched his nipple.

I felt something growing against my leg, and looked down to see his excitement. I leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "I told you I was a heathen..." as I slid my hand down between his legs.

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