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"This filthy bitch is so wet and needs a good hard fucking so give me a call, i'll be online today till 3pm waiting for you!" 10:31

SexyPamela: 41, Caucasian, Average
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SexyPamela's Description

Hi i'm Pamela and i'm a real horny bitch. i've had plenty of experience with a big hard cock and i'm up for anything. i love being a dirty little cum slut with a throbbing cock down my throat or rammed deep in my wet pussy or up my tight little arse until you shoot your load all over my face or cover my big tits in creamy spunk. i can't wait to speak to you! xxx

Personal Number: 6109

My naughty secret: i love to fuck women as well as men and lick out a juicy wet pussy while i'm being fucked hard from behind with a nice big cock right up inside me. Threesomes really turn me on so call me to find out more!

I would love to: i would love to be gang banged like a filthy little whore and surrounded by men, taking turns fucking every hole till i'm covered in hot creamy spunk. Ring me to find out all the details!

I'm expert in: i'm an expert in being a submissive slut and being spanked and punished for being so naughty. i'll obey and do whatever you want me to as i love being treated like a dirty little whore.

Country: GB flag

Languages: EN flag

Last Online:
9 hours ago

SexyPamela's Private Diary

Date night added 9th May, 2019, 17:02

Sir ordered me to dress up like a slut so i wore stockings, a peephole bra, crotchless panties, 5" stiletto heels & a bodycon dress so those big tits were bursting out & so short you can see my arse with a choke collar.
When Sir arrived he wound some elastic bands tightly around my nipples of my big 36G tits which made them so erect that they were poking out my tight dress & really obvious. It was painful but i was too scared to complain as he would just tighten them even more.
Sir took me to a bar & as we sat down he spread my legs, revealing my crotchless knickers & pushed 4 fingers straight up my wet pussy so i tried to resist as i was worried that someone could see but he was too strong. But a man sat opposite noticed & nudged his mates who all turned around to watch me being fingered so i begged him to stop but Sir carried on, pushing his fingers even deeper & i couldn't help but moan & wriggle about, pressing down further. Before long i need to cum as i was turned on so much even with all the men staring over but he refused & pushed his fingers into my mouth, making me lick & suck all my juices off.
Sir took me to the cinema but before we entered, he hands me a bag & tells me to go to the toilets where i find it's a huge vibrator so i push it up my cunt & an anal hook so i slide that into my arse. We watch the film, the vibrator pressing deep inside me as i sit down so i wriggle about but that just forces it deeper up my cunt & Sir ties the anal hook up to the back of my choke collar so it's stretching my arse wide open. The toy starts vibrating inside me & i realise that Sir has got a remote control & is turning it up full so i can't help but slide my fingers down into my wet panties to rub that clit, making myself cum with the vibrator rammed right up inside my cunt & the hook in my arse as i moan with pleasure & squirt those juices all over. Then Sir forced my head into his lap to suck his hard cock so i obey like an obedient whore while he grabbed my hair & pushed my head down, fucking my mouth & making me gag & choke as i deep throated his cock before he filled my mouth with cum that i swallow down & lick every drop off.
After the film Sir takes me outside to some woods & he rips my sopping wet panties off & shoves them in my mouth, making me gag on those damp knickers deep in my throat & he pulls on the choke collar so i'm gasping for breath while he fucks me hard up against a tree with the vibrator and hook still inside me, lifting me up so his 10" cock is penetrating my cunt so deeply & my legs are wrapped around his waist. This feels like i'm getting fucked in every hole which makes all those pussy juices drip down my legs & i'm stretched open. i'm worried we will be discovered but he just pounds that cunt deep & roughly with his huge dick filling me up till i beg him for his spunk so he shoots his cum up inside me. Sir allows me to cum again too so i writhe around in ecstasy, trying to keep quiet but my moans are loud even with those wet panties stuffed in my mouth. Then i opened my eyes & realised the 4 men from earlier are watching & wanking a few metres away which makes me wetter knowing they're so horny & have seen me getting fucked. Sir pushes me to my knees in front of them & holds my head while i open my mouth wide to take all their hot sticky load spurting down my throat & all over my big tits like a good little cum slut, licking every last drop up from their big stiff cocks as they wank over me.
i love men to fuck me like a dirty whore & fill every hole with their cum so give me a call as i'm here to be used for your every desire to be fulfilled.

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